Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 5!

Week 5! Happy Halloween and its here Wednesday and Week 5! Today is the Start of week 6, Wahoo!!

Well here's the week in rewind! Here we go!

Wednesday - Snow in the morning and it was a good day because it was relaxing and it was cold!!!

Thursday - Woke up early to go and clean. Went outside and SNOW!!! It was coming down!!! It was flying and it was super cold!!!! After making my way through the desert snow in October, I vacuumed all of 10M. Thank you mom for teaching me how to vacuum it was good to know how to do the simplest of things. After that it snowed some more and well it was good cause we are always inside here but it was fun to watch it come down then stop then come down more and then melt! It was good. Sister Savage taught me through D & C 123:16-17 about doing all that's in our power to serve. We got new Zone leaders because one left, Elder Mon. He is awesome such a great Elder, Elder Smith stayed the ZL. That night was the usual TRC!!!! yep it was a TRC like I will always remember. We where teaching about finding answers through the scripture through the Book of Mormon. I taugh the whole thing in both lessons I guided the Volunteers through the Spanish scriptures when I didn't even know the words or the places they where, all in Spanish!! It was awesome! Through the scriptures we can always find answers to our prayers. In Moroni 10 and, I couldn't tell you where else cause, I felt prompted to share a scripture and didn't even remember! So Great DAY!

Friday - Well today it snowed a bit in the morning but it melted as fast as it came! In class we learned about date and time and then taught Monica about the church and how she needs to attend and her faith will be straightened also that the sacrament is very important as well. Then Elder VDG and I had the best lesson with Samuel well that's what we thought until yesterday anyway! We taught Ether 12:6 about having a trial of your faith. He brought up that his friends where persuading him not to follow us. So we dropped the Ether 12:6 verse on him and wow Spirit was there! Friday was good, finished out talking to another District for awhile because they are leaving next week.

Saturday - it was a good day just a normal Saturday work work work! But this is spiritual work and it is spiritually exhausting! Ha ha.
 Sis. Heinzen taught us about the importance of church attendance. Bro. Welch taught us about the best way to plan for the week. The day sort of flew by it was a fast day! I got back to the residences to 3 letter 2 dear elders and a Happy Halloween from the Barney's. It made my busy quick day so much better!

Sunday - Well a typical Sunday here it was all focused around the church! haha wait that's everyday! Well we had the least amount of missionaries in our branch at 22 but one was sick in a tripanionship so all three where gone so sacrament was a bit lonely with just 19, it was small for sure. But today (Wednesday) we got 12 new missionaries! 12! That's double! Wahoo! Elder VDG and I taught about repentance and Brother Russen of our branch pres. taught us about baptism. It was good! Here Relief Society is watching Spoken Word and a member of the Relief society presidency comes and speaks so those lucky sister! After that was Sunday walk and Devotional. Brother Stephan B. Allan spoke. It was a very good talk on why we serve and why we serve the lord and not ourselves and that we need to be determined to live the mission rules! It was very good!

Monday - Started out watching a distinct movie with my district then taught Monica. That was a good lesson! It was Ether 12 again! It was powerful to teach her about trails and how they come and that through Christ we can do all things! Bro. Welch helped me with comprehending Spanish and reading Libro de Mormon. It was very good a lot of help too! I went to dinner and my DL told me I had a package and 4 dear elders! I was super excited! I picked them up after playing a mean game of volleyball! It was awesome, I was the jump serving man!! So after that I tore my package open to find things from my family and saw POPCORN! not just any kind of popcorn homemade Ali popcorn! It was so good! Then I picked up my Dear Elders and read about this package I just got! haha awesome day!

Tuesday - Started off having the best lesson with Samuel EVER!!! 2 Nephi 2! yep we read right out of the scriptures again and we could see the power of the Holy Ghost in the lessons! It was amazing!!! We had a workshop about the Book of Mormon and the importance of the first chapter of the Book of Mormon. Look at it! It explains the circle of prophets and it explains Joseph smith and how Prophets are chosen they see a vision. It’s very good! If we can just get them to read the first chapter! It is awesome! Tuesday night devotional by Elder Clarke. He taught us about the word Help and how it is so key to doing the Lords work! It was good! It was absolutely amazing! Next was District review and the spirit was there for sure!!!! It was awesome!!! I got home and had a letter from Ali and it was good to talk to the other Elders and to eat food! yep it was a good day!

Today - Temple, Writing Letters, Emails, And Laundry and HAIRCUT!!! wahoo! i feel free and feel like and look like I just came here! It feels awesome!

Well another Week is gone! It was a great week! Now I’m ready to do it all over again! They just keep getting better and Better!

I Love you ALL!!!!

- Elder Jaymes Monson

PS pictures are impossible to send here!!! so I'm working on it! sorry!

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