Monday, November 26, 2012

And he's off...

This morning at 5am Elder Monson boarded an MTC bus toward the Salt Lake Airport.  He was able to call home and we all talked to him for a good long time.  It was so great to hear his voice!  He has grown up in the past 2 months.  He bore his testimony in Spanish to us and said about 10 times how much he loves his family.  He said his suitcases (2 of them) weighed 102 pounds together so he wasn't charged any extra for weight.  How he fit everything in there we aren't sure!  He did say his backpack and carry on was full of a lot of very heavy books, Spanish books.  He was nervous but ready and anxious to get there.  He mentioned the last few days in the MTC, over Thanksgiving, were a little boring except for the surprise visit from Elder Holland but now he is ready to get back to work.  He flew from SLC to PHX, PHX to Mexico City and Mexico City to Tuxtla arriving at 6:41pm Central Time. He is there now... I can only imagine what he is seeing, hearing, sensing and feeling!  Wow!

We are very grateful for the chance to talk to him today.  Each of us had a chance to say how much we love him and a few life events going on here.  He sounds just like a missionary... "for sure", "oh I know", "yep", "so ya" were some common phrases.  Now we just wait to hear from him.  We can't wait to hear where he will serve and who his companion is.  Lots of exciting changes!

Our family has already experienced some special tender mercies from the Lord and so has Jaymes.  We are very blessed to have a Missionary in our family!  Love you Elder Monson!

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