Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 4!

Hello Everyone!!!

What a great Surprise when i woke up and found SNOW!!!! Yep I would never have guessed!

Well this is how the Fourth week at the MTC was:

Thursday! Well a good day for sure!!!! That's all! JK (just kiddin'), the day went a little like this. Did some service like every Thursday morning at 6 am then ran to class taught Samuel about the Atonement of Christ, well Elder VDG taught him I was a little hesitant to speak cause the atonement in Spanish is not the same as in English! ha ha so ya it was a good lesson for sure he felt the spirit and wanted to be BAPTIZED!!!! yep got him for the 12th of November!!! oh ya! So after that just same old stuff like TRC. Ya not a big deal. Wait not a big deal that's a huge deal! TRC always happens on a Thursday, probably that's why its called Thursday TRC haha. So we taught two volunteers about the Holy Ghost and why we need it in our lives!!! It was some pretty good stuff. I gave the portion of the lesson from the scriptures and asked the person when the had felt the spirit and they said something in Spanish I could not tell you that's when Elder VDG steps in so I can try to figure it out. First guy Elder VDG gave the most part of it and the second was ME!! wahooo! yep I gave the simplest lesson on the Holy Ghost and just said. Es Verdad which means it’s true! haha so after that President Bulloch and his wife, good friends of my dads, came and grabbed me out of class took a picture with me and stole my camera!!!! No I gave it to them to give to dad to fix, that's my Thursday!

Friday! Well this day was just about the same as every other day here at the MTC.
 Eat, sleep for a bit learn Spanish and go back to bed! yep that’s how it is. Wake up go to class study, eat then go back and learn for 5 hours then eat then go back and learn more for 6 then eat then go back learn for like 4 more hours and go to bed! It’s great to have a schedule. But on Friday I started out reading in D&C 133 where the Prophet Joseph was Martyred. What a great start to my day! The best part of it was when it says he sealed his name in blood for God! It is powerful! What a great Man! Then the rest of the day I studied D&C 25,22,1,4, and 4 in Spanish! yep I'm learning slowly!

Saturday! well on Saturdays I'm used to helping my dad do something and working hard on these days! Now here at the MTC Saturday is a normal day but you work 10x more to be ready for the next day Sunday!!! Well my Companion and I taught our favorite investigator Monica! yep and Elder Monson taught it again! wahoo! she wasn't reading the Scriptures so I told her to for sure and also read Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:4-5 and also the intro to the Book of Mormon so ya big time stuff! haha I can tell you the Spirit is there if you invite it and if you plan to teach and let the spirit guide you in the lesson! We had a huge lesson to teach but right off the spot I felt it needed to be put off till next time she needed to read the scriptures but most importantly she needed to PRAY about them!!! Saturday was good. Brother Frey he teaches us sometimes in class but he is way cool! He just came home from Mexico from his mission and played at USU football before he left and is trying to make it on BYU's team to play next year as WR. So we chatted for a while about football until dinner was over and we talked about his Mission and it was awesome!!! He is a great guy!

Sunday! Well the best day by far!!! It is a good day every week. We learned about Repentance and the Spirit in Sacrament and repentance again in Priesthood! Way cool! Then Elder VDG and I taught our district about D&C 131 and about Faith in Jesus Christ. We got the topic about 10 seconds before we got up to teach! We taught by the spirit and we as missionaries can do anything God wants us to do for sure!!!!. I gave the prayer in Priesthood in full Spanish! yes! haha it was good I know a few things and am learning everyday! The best part of the day was in Sacrament the Departing District sang "A Poor Way Fairing Man of Grief" and wow! They started out in French! Elder Olivea he is from France and he started out and then Spanish then the last of 6 verses in English! It was super powerful!!!! I am pretty sure I was crying! The Spirit manifested the truth to me and it was fabulous. Then in Sunday night devotional an Elder sang it again, it was a great day with one of my favorite songs! Temple WALK was awesome!!! Took some great pictures with a camera that wasn't even mine so ill send them soon.

Monday! It was good for sure! Just a normal day eating and class that's all, learned the Spanish endings so that was helpful! haha it helped me with a lot of things! A normal Monday nothing Much to say!

Tuesday! Yesterday was great! Elder Echo Hawk came and talked to us for Devotional. He spoke on Conversion cause he is a convert himself! He told us that conversion is a process and not a one time thing! so ya it was a very moving talk and the song the Choir sang was “This is the Christ” and well it sounded so much like the Mo Tab Choir! It was cool! Sister Echo Hawk talked about how the Mission applications jumped 470%!!! ya we are now trying to expand the MTC cause we are pretty close to capacity now, well we were when i came, but now its tapering off a bit but they expect the Sisters to come in around March and fill the MTC with SISTERS!!! That will be a complete switch cause we are ELDER run here! The rest of the day was like this! Studied D&C 33 and then Sis Bulloch came into my District after Devotional and gave me a box!! ya a Box! She said it was my camera but it was a big box with my camera and Doughnuts!!! yep my district loves the Monson Family cause Elder Monson's mom and dad where thinking of the District! so ya a great day!

Today! woke up went outside it was snowing walked to the temple in it and well have been inside all day cause it just stopped snowing. Welcome new Elders it snows here! haha Its been a good day a good relaxing day!

Thanks for all the Support! I love you All!!!!

Scripture for the week Alma 26:12 read it!

Signing OFF! from MTC!

Elder Jaymes A Monson

Me and Elder S

Me and my comp...showing off
Hanging out in our classroom

President and Sis Bulloch

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Week 3!

Hola Como Esta?

Week Three!!! wow i can tell you it really has felt like a month or two. its weird the days go by fast like really fast but the weeks seem to creep by! its really weird but anyways. Let me tell you about my week here at the MTC.

Thursday - Wow what a day!! first of all Elder Van De Graaff and I were preparing to teach Monica when another Dilemma We got a new Investigator His Name is Samuel. So we were trying to prepare for both so i took Monica and he took Samuel. So as we were preparing Brother Welch came in and said, "oh don't forget to prepare for TRC." What TRC!!!!! no way! so we where freaking out!!! So now I was freaking out the most! thinking oh man what am i supposed to do!!! i cant just drop one lesson. So i scrambled to try and figure out what to say to these members who wanted us to teach them something but what to do! So i started to pray and i prayed and prayed mostly about the language!!So ya we went to TRC and as usual Elder VDG didn't let me speak so i had no clue where we were or what was going on. But it went good i guess i looked like an idiot cause my companion taught my part of the lesson. but OK whatever. So ya it was good. Then i prepared for Monica. Which was good. So a good day in of it's elf.

Friday - The day i will long remember. I prepared for Monica had some Chocolate Pancakes and went with my head held high into the room no notes just my little Spanish and my memory of the simple truths of the gospel in a language still today i can’t speak. But Elder VDG and I said a quick prayer and we went in. I Elder Jaymes Monson taught the whole lesson!!! in Spanish!!! i taught about the truths of the Book of Mormon and asked her to read it and challenged her to Baptism!!! Wahoo! I did it. Well that's not really that correct the Spirit of God! the Holy Ghost through me taught the lesson in Spanish. I have no clue what i said but it is not really that important. I taugh a lesson! Sister Heinzen a.k.a Monica went back to the room with us and she said, "Elder Monson, Wow you taught the most basic thing through the Holy ghost and even I a member wanted to be baptized again!" oh Ya i am Awesome!!! haha so it was a good day!

Saturday - Today was an alright day, Elder VDG and I got closer together just by talking it up for awhile during Comp Study. We had gym and as a district we played Volleyball, which i play all the time, but it was awesome! It was Elder Rudd and Elder Huber's last gym time which was cool, before they set of to Peru on Tuesday. It was a good simple day compared to the other two. Just a lot of class work and a lot of studying.

Sunday - Sunday was as Good as any other but the fact that it was an actual Sunday. We have Church at 8 am, :0 yep its sometimes a doozy!. :) but it was great Elder VDG and I passed the Sacrament to our Branch. We then had two talks in Spanish from Missionaries and then a Member of the District Presidency spoke to us, President Seaman talked to us about the two things to know. Remember Who's you are (Mom I'm Yours) and also who you are. There is a reason our names and Jesus Christ are the biggest things on our name tags. Its cause we represent our Families so for me it's the Monson Family and we represent Jesus Christ. so two important things. then after Sacrament Elder VDG and I where extended a call to be the Sacrament Coordinators. then Elder Huber our old District was released and Elder Hastein is know the new District leader. Then our ZL's where replaced as well cause they are leaving next week so a good Sunday for changes. Then we went on a pleasured Sunday walk around the Temple. then my Companion left me. well we exchanged i got to be with Elder Oliver Who is from France. Paris to be exact. We then talked about Paris and how he got converted to the church just 3 years ago! what a great soul, man what a testament as well. He said that after he serves in Canada he will invite me over sometime. Haha! So Sunday a great day for sure!!!

Monday - Well Monday We taught Samuel and that was pathetic, Elder VDG as usual didn't let me speak and well it was sort of dumb to say the least. so then I worked ALL DAY to memorize the first vision in Spanish but no way! i did not get that all the way done almost all of it but not the whole thing. Monday was a usual Study study study study day! you feel the Spirit the whole way through as well.

Tuesday - Happy Birthday Dad!!! Well yesterday was Tuesday and it was a typical Tuesday here more studying!!! Elder Huber and Rudd left for the Peru MTC and they left at 6 am here and got to Peru at 11:45 Peru time so ya they had a super long day yesterday. So anyway I studied and and Studied and played Volleyball then Studied and Studied some more. Then was the Best part of Tuesdays!!! Devotional!!! yay!! Elder Bowen of the 70 spoke to us and well it was fabulous!!! such a good talk about how God has a plan for each of us and he knows what we are to do because he is all seeing! ya it was awesome also we learned the best way to see miracles is to Be obedient and also work hard and we will see them! it was awesome!!! Good Day!!!
Wednesday - Started out in the temple. Wrote letters and now wrote this Email. What a good Day!!! also i think i have pictures to show you!!! wahoo!

Signing off for a week

Elder Jaymes A Monson


Our District by the Map

District at the Temple

My Comp and I
Elder VDG and Elder Monson

love this statue on MTC campus


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 2

Well Hola Everyone!!

This Week was very good! Another one of those Spiritual Weeks!!

Thursday was a little long cause we woke up early to do service but ended up being really great in the end just long for sure! Elder Van De Graaff and I taught Monica again and well it didn't go very well at all! we forgot the whole lesson and also planned on something that didn't happen so we gave the lesson anyway. Well here's the story. We invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and we were expecting that she did so, so we planned a whole lesson in Spanish that didn't end up right. We went in and asked Monica did you pray about the Book of Mormon? she said "no". Right then Elder Van De Graaff and i looked at each other in pure shock and were like what do we do!?!?!?!?!?!?! So then Elder VDG just nudged me and i went on with the lesson that we planned even though she said no. Monica the whole time was like i didn't say i Did pray so whatever you say i didn't do. So ya not a good lesson that's what made it a long day for my companion and I. So Thursday was good but also a downer day a bit cause we sort of didn't do anything right with Monica.

Friday was a great day a lot better than Thursday. Elder Simpson, my roomie, strained his ACL right before he came. He was headed to Fresno Cali but the day before he was supposed to leave he found out the hurting in his leg was not just a hurt it was something that rushing to surgery was super important. So Friday I spent from 9 to 1:30 at Physical Therapy with a guy that can almost walk. the cool thing about Elder Simpson is that he was going English Speaking and now he will be a multi Language Elder both Spanish and English. But as he was at PT i studied my Spanish up. I memorized my Purpose in English and Spanish (pg. 1 in Preach my gospel) it was a good experience it reminded me of being there at a similar place with MOM! So a good day also to tell everyone down here that whoever won that night byu is not that great or even worth cheering for.

Saturday and Sunday Where spirit driven days!!! From the First word Pres. Monson said to the last!!!! The funny thing was that i got a package from my Family and from Ali but since my District leader didn't check the mail til 8 pm i didn't get it til Monday so my General conference Food and Notebook was no bueno not there. But i bought a 4 dollar nice one to write things in to have something separate than my class notes and my Journal so ya. but the moment President Monson said the age change this Spiritual Sana erupted we jumped for joy we yelled we screamed we were so excited!!!! so so awesome!!! so many motivational talks it was so awesome!!! one of my Favorites was President Monson’s from Priesthood, Sister Ann Dibb, Elder Russell M Nelson, Elder David A Bednar’s talk as well i loved conference if i had a lot of time i would go into detail but what a spiritual OVERLOAD!!! wow!!!

OK Monday this week was good just a normal day here at the MTC, language study, scripture study and ya a lot of that. But i had 6 Dear Elders and A box that i didnt really go through.

But Tuesday was absolutely an amazing day!!!! to Start off i went through my Box of goodies from My Mom! and wow what a thoughtful Box of goodies if only I could have had it before but oh well. it started the day off right that's for sure. After that it was a relaxed laid back sort of day of sorts. Every Tuesday is a devotional. This week (yesterday) we had ELDER DAVID A BEDNAR, i sat right next to where he came in and was the second person to stand. wow what a spirit came into the room when he walked in!!! We started off singing our Favorite CALLED TO SERVE i think i have heard it and sang it like 30 times since we have been here. Sister Bednar spoke first and she told us, and i agree, that a special part of conference was when Called to Serve after hearing Observe and serve. Yep a great part of Conference right there. Elder Bednar spoke on how to get Doctrine, Invitations, and Blessings From Conference which was good cause i think it helped each of us focus on wow this is really how a lot of the talks work. He also spoke that the closing Remarks are the most important. The Prophet of God closes for a reason so that the Blessings of the Conference are in full. So a great Day to say the least!!!

Today was temple. It was great!!! like usual. A whole section of Elders and 4 Sisters so a Missionary Endowment today. Now I’m writing this and doing laundry in time for class at 6.

Adios till Next week!!!

Oh and Dad Elder Simpson is just like Colton!!! looks like and has his same spunky attitude (Sorry Colton) haha


Elder Jaymes A Monson

PS I’ll try to send pictures in just a sec!!! Love you All!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week one!!


Wow what a week!!! I feel like i am on a spiritual high!!! wow! To start this exciting, loving the gospel, learning Spanish, loving the CCT (MTC in Spanish), week! Wow that's a lot of stuff!

Wednesday, Wow what a day after being dropped off i was riped into the swing of things by meeting my new companion Elder Van De Graaff, wow what an Elder!, then running to our district Classroom where we started the whole thing off with a little SPANISH!!!!! Holy Cow! talk about being overwhelmed in the first hour! Next we had a Presidency MTC welcome where the MTC Presidency and their wife's talked to us and welcomed us to the grand old MTC. After being "sworn in" we had a little Dinner. Well if I have learned a couple things here its the church is true and the MTC food is made to have Elders have gas. so ya dinner then we had our first huge investigator lesson and that was good probably the only one of those i will have in Spanish for a while. OK so that's the end of day one. A lot to take in for a brand new missionary. 

Thursday was even better! felt a little down because it was my second day i was trying to learn Spanish and i was homesick so ya great start to a mission! So we learned more Spanish sort of it was more like, "elder did you understand what he just said?" the one thing that I remember is -Elders tomorrow morning you are teaching a lady named Monica. She is new to the Gospel and you and your companion will be given the whole lesson in SPANISH!!!!! -Yep what a second day surprise. he was saying Elders you just came here yesterday and you don't know Spanish but tomorrow you are teaching someone who only knows Spanish. so ya wow!!!!! Later that day we met our Branch Presidency and Our district got a District Leader (DL) our district is pleased to have Elder Huber from Palmyra New York! He is an awesome! what a great man.

Friday, Now this was a little calmer day but only after 8:50am and well it was a hard day cause not sleeping very well from thoughts racing through my head of what are we are teaching, what if i screw up what language again and why on the third day am i doing this? so at 8:20 an excited and scared and rushed Elder Monson and Elder Van De Graaff walked into a room with a Woman who didn't want to speak English to us, We taught about the most scattered lesson that we will and have ever heard. wow! but we made it out and the rest of the day was pretty great. We learned how to bare our testimonies in Spanish and how to pray as well! so now for prayers i am not speaking a laguage im used to but the lord only has one language it the gospel! so good day in an effect.

Saturday was Good had about the same things as Friday just trying to get Spanish down that's all.

Sunday, Well everyday feels like a Sunday but this Day was Fast Sunday!! now here you cant go get a snack after Church or anything like that you have to fast like for real! anyway we had a fast and testimony meeting and well the whole meeting was in Spanish. now i was trying to pay attention but when its your fourth day its not easy to speak the language so ya got lost a bit but very spiritual. After that was mission conference and well that was great very motivational. then after that was our Sunday Devotional which Brother Swenson came and talked to us about missions and how they are a good thing. so Ya great Day on Sunday

Monday Was About like Saturday Just Spanish All DAY!!!!

Tuesday is Devotional and Workshop Day! We had Elder Ellis of the 70 come and Speak on 
D&C 88:10. and Our Workshop was on How to learn the language better.

Today is P-Day!!! great day! Started off at the Temple and writing letters! so if you want me to write you directly write me on Dear Elder it gets to me and i read them the same day!!! Look on my Blog for it! i would love to send you a personal letter!!!

Sorry for the shortness its time to get ready to teach Monica in like an hour! Spanish is tough but I'm going to make it just study study study!!!!

Great day!!!! Great Week!!!! Great Start!!! the Church is true!! Amen!

Also if you at all write me write me on cause then i can answer! or just write me a letter Just make sure you send me your Address! :D Thanks!

A Dios!!!! Love you all!!!!
Elder Jaymes A Monson