Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 2

Well Hola Everyone!!

This Week was very good! Another one of those Spiritual Weeks!!

Thursday was a little long cause we woke up early to do service but ended up being really great in the end just long for sure! Elder Van De Graaff and I taught Monica again and well it didn't go very well at all! we forgot the whole lesson and also planned on something that didn't happen so we gave the lesson anyway. Well here's the story. We invited her to pray about the Book of Mormon and we were expecting that she did so, so we planned a whole lesson in Spanish that didn't end up right. We went in and asked Monica did you pray about the Book of Mormon? she said "no". Right then Elder Van De Graaff and i looked at each other in pure shock and were like what do we do!?!?!?!?!?!?! So then Elder VDG just nudged me and i went on with the lesson that we planned even though she said no. Monica the whole time was like i didn't say i Did pray so whatever you say i didn't do. So ya not a good lesson that's what made it a long day for my companion and I. So Thursday was good but also a downer day a bit cause we sort of didn't do anything right with Monica.

Friday was a great day a lot better than Thursday. Elder Simpson, my roomie, strained his ACL right before he came. He was headed to Fresno Cali but the day before he was supposed to leave he found out the hurting in his leg was not just a hurt it was something that rushing to surgery was super important. So Friday I spent from 9 to 1:30 at Physical Therapy with a guy that can almost walk. the cool thing about Elder Simpson is that he was going English Speaking and now he will be a multi Language Elder both Spanish and English. But as he was at PT i studied my Spanish up. I memorized my Purpose in English and Spanish (pg. 1 in Preach my gospel) it was a good experience it reminded me of being there at a similar place with MOM! So a good day also to tell everyone down here that whoever won that night byu is not that great or even worth cheering for.

Saturday and Sunday Where spirit driven days!!! From the First word Pres. Monson said to the last!!!! The funny thing was that i got a package from my Family and from Ali but since my District leader didn't check the mail til 8 pm i didn't get it til Monday so my General conference Food and Notebook was no bueno not there. But i bought a 4 dollar nice one to write things in to have something separate than my class notes and my Journal so ya. but the moment President Monson said the age change this Spiritual Sana erupted we jumped for joy we yelled we screamed we were so excited!!!! so so awesome!!! so many motivational talks it was so awesome!!! one of my Favorites was President Monson’s from Priesthood, Sister Ann Dibb, Elder Russell M Nelson, Elder David A Bednar’s talk as well i loved conference if i had a lot of time i would go into detail but what a spiritual OVERLOAD!!! wow!!!

OK Monday this week was good just a normal day here at the MTC, language study, scripture study and ya a lot of that. But i had 6 Dear Elders and A box that i didnt really go through.

But Tuesday was absolutely an amazing day!!!! to Start off i went through my Box of goodies from My Mom! and wow what a thoughtful Box of goodies if only I could have had it before but oh well. it started the day off right that's for sure. After that it was a relaxed laid back sort of day of sorts. Every Tuesday is a devotional. This week (yesterday) we had ELDER DAVID A BEDNAR, i sat right next to where he came in and was the second person to stand. wow what a spirit came into the room when he walked in!!! We started off singing our Favorite CALLED TO SERVE i think i have heard it and sang it like 30 times since we have been here. Sister Bednar spoke first and she told us, and i agree, that a special part of conference was when Called to Serve after hearing Observe and serve. Yep a great part of Conference right there. Elder Bednar spoke on how to get Doctrine, Invitations, and Blessings From Conference which was good cause i think it helped each of us focus on wow this is really how a lot of the talks work. He also spoke that the closing Remarks are the most important. The Prophet of God closes for a reason so that the Blessings of the Conference are in full. So a great Day to say the least!!!

Today was temple. It was great!!! like usual. A whole section of Elders and 4 Sisters so a Missionary Endowment today. Now I’m writing this and doing laundry in time for class at 6.

Adios till Next week!!!

Oh and Dad Elder Simpson is just like Colton!!! looks like and has his same spunky attitude (Sorry Colton) haha


Elder Jaymes A Monson

PS I’ll try to send pictures in just a sec!!! Love you All!!!

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