Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 31 -Abinadi

Well this week was a good week.

This was my week...if i leave anything out its because my account just deleted my email I was working on. so ya darn Technology haha

I am getting transferred to Ixhuatan 2, its a new area just opened today we split Ixhuatan in half and well Elder Reyes and another Elder are in one part and me and another Elder in the other part. This Elder will be finishing his mission with me. So ya its pretty exciting for me. it has been fun finding things out about what is going on. I'm going to Arriaga tomorrow to go get my companion.

T and L were baptized last wendesday. it was a wonderful day both of them felt the spirit so Strong during the whole thing. L started crying after as she tried to make out the words, "I'm clean".  it was a very spiritual experience. What two great people they will go far in the church because they have friends and they are welcomed.       T told me he is the next Branch President. we will have to see about that. But both of them are like a kid in a candy store they just want to have everything they can of this gospel. they really will go far and they told us to start working with their two sons and so we are working so that the whole family can go to the temple. that would be a perfect thing for them. what great people.
This week I read in Mosiah about Abinadi and how great his faith was. He was sent to go preach the gospel to the people of King Noah. but then he was taken to king Noah and tried the king knew that he had not done right so he tried to have Abinadi Killed but the spirit of god was with him so strongly that he could not be touched. so he kept going he had a message to give and he was staying there until he gave it.He was dedicated and would not give up. What a man of god. Yesterday I was invited to speak English in a sunday school class. I was supposed to Explain the first vision in English and see if the whole room could understand how Joseph Felt during the Apostasy. so ya it was kind of fun to see how much i could spit out without saying anything in spanish. haha it was fun but it made me think of how lost Joseph was!
it was a good activity.

So ya thats my week How about that a great week thats what it was a great
week . This week will be an interesting one-  hope it will be good and we
will have too see where i am in a week.

Love you All!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 30

Well I thought i was just here writing for last week - so well Happy Week! 30 weeks that went pretty fast! All I can say is the mangos are Delicious!

Today marks another week in my life and every ones...well happy new week!It just means new things a new start. so ya hope every ones doing well. I had a pretty good week nothing much happened but you know that doesn't matter if the work is going on! Elder Reyes and I are Enjoying seeing the Gospel turn people into the best people we know. T and his Wife are getting baptized Wednesday and how exciting that is We have seen T turn from a person who drank coffee and smoking to a man that will go far in the church. i can see it, he has a great group of friends in the church and he says he will do everything he can to always follow the Lord. His wife has been accepted with open arms to the relief society and well they even go and get her when she isn't there.  these two have powerful spirits. they are just great!! So that happens this week. 

This past week was actually a typical week here. teaching lesson's and an interview with President Cardenas a good week, just a great week in the work of the lord. I am just so glad to be on a mission because the love i feel for people that 5 months ago i didn't even know. the people here are so accepting to everyone. I love these people they are just so nice and so helpful. and they care for everyone. its just awesome!

This week I read in 2 Nephi Chapter 31 all about the things Nephi saw 500 years before the things actually happened. That is amazing!  the lord works in magnificent ways, he is for sure Almighty. I read the other day in Enos about his magnificent faith to have the lord tells him whatever he asks the lord it will be given him because of his faith. I have seen that through faith like Enos that kind of faith changes people their hearts and their will . when we get down and pray with all of our might then what else do we need to worry about. we are blessed from the lord we can ask him and we will feel his love i know this because i have done it and have felt his arms around me when i need him. the love of Christ is amazing he loves each of us. he is all loving he will love us even if we don't want him too he is like our parents they will always love us as long as we live. We are loved always we have the most loving father in heaven and he will always be there to answer our prayers.

these isn't a lot to write about this week sorry. it was a wonderful week and well i love being here but i don't remember this week it went so fast! I'm serious like not joking it went so fast i don't even remember meeting with president for five minutes. it was a quick one. sorry I will try better to remember this week.

I love you all its been a great week and I hope it was for you as well! Just have a great week and a smile changes a dull moment just remember that trust me i learned to just smile and everything will be alright. ;D trust me I'm a missionary! haha

Elder Jaymes Monson

Riding in the Van... District meeting

Siesta time... ah!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 29-The Book of Mormon

Well the weeks just keep marching on just like the elders of Ixhuatan ;D

Well its hot here but its nice this place is amazing!! I have found a love for the people here in Ixhuatan that is amazing. the people are always ready to share the gospel and always see us in the streets and shout Elders you are awesome!!! man what a great feeling to yell back and say We are just doing our best or thank you!! I love this work did you know that? well if i didn't then why am i out here? I love serving the people here and most of all I love my savior Jesus Christ and the chance I have to be his servant is amazing! i wouldn't trade two years of schooling for two years of walking!!!. Well this week was absolutely an amazing week. man it really was let me tell you the walking here is amazing!!! nice blue skies plenty of air to share. a nice sun to make it a nice day. Wait when the sun is out i really sort of feel wet like it sort of rained but the ground is dry and its just me that's wet. haha ya its been a hard working sweaty kind of week here in the town of Ixhuatan, but i wouldn't trade this week for any week with snow or rain haha. 

Let me see this week was good because well we found a new family well last Sunday we received a reference from a member tell us to go and check out the situation see if this person wanted to hear our message. so we went for it as daring as the two daring knights of Ixhuatan scouting out the area making sure they could fight the devil right out of the person. haha we went and contacted this person it was a girl 10 years of age. as we started the mom came in and said can I come and sit in and listen. we said well no the reference is only for her, NO! we said why not of course you can sit on down we are about to invite the spirit in through prayer. and so we did she sat down in offered the prayer and then the room was filled with the love of Christ. a nice warm blanket well warm might not be he word for the heat there already was but a nice feeling entered the room. and well we stated teach the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and got to the Keystone of every lesson the Book Of Mormon. we explained it was made here in the Americas. then the mom, Lida, stepped in and said wait what? we said well it is about the people that lived here in the Americas as i passed the Book to her and explained the history. She said. I always wondered why the bible only talked about the people in Jerusalem. DING DING DING!!! wow! we have the answer to your question. and well we asked her to pray about the book if it is true. the next time we asked her if she asked and she said, Yes this is the answer to my prayers and well what else do you have for me? anyways she has a date for her baptism the 4th of May! she was at church yesterday with her daughter and her 2 year old son, along with 8 other investigators. anyways that was an amazing thing that happened the other 8 are well 5 are a family that are planning to be baptized the 27th and well two others are young men that just decided to show up at church and one is a older woman that well got up in testimony meeting and bore her testimony! Holy cow!!! what a great Week!!! I love this work!!! there are people coming out and that want to learn. it is fantastic!!!

Well wow! i read an article in the March 2013 Ensign called You are Free by Elder D. Todd Christofferson. Wow this is an amazing amazing article. he tells us about his grandpa and his little band of sheep. he had a ewe that he received from his friend that was a bit rebellious and well he had tied her down but this time he had just had a rope around her neck because she liked to leave so as he called his sheep in one night the sheep heard his voice and recognized it and came like us to our masters voice. but the one was out there still think it was roped down and so he walked and told her its OK you aren't tied down you are free. I shared this in a family home evening in the branch Tuesday and well it is true. I had some members share there experiences on how following he savior has helped them. pretty soon we had a tear filled group as we recognized how important it is to listen to the masters voice and well we are free. we have agency we aren't tied down we can do so many things!! what a wonderful night and a wonderful story. President Boyd K Packer said this about following the master. “We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see.” we need obedience in our lives just like we heard President Monson speak on that marvelous talk of his. Obedience is the answer to the call of our master. So let us be obedient. We can do it i just starts by answering the call of the master he stands waiting for us in all things. He is calling us to come follow him., Now let us answer and follow our loving Brother and Master Jesus Christ. in 2 Nephi 25:26 it says, "And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins". We talk of Christ and rejoice in him always and we answer the call to come unto him. as it says in the seminary song, "come unto him he´s meek and humble and lonley of heart come unto him. or as Elder Patrick Kearon says "Come unto the only One who can heal, and you will find peace."

Lets us All have a wonderful week! Just know that our Savior loves each of us and will always love us. Have a great Week!!! I will for sure just a sweat one haha

Elder Jaymes Monson

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 28- General Conference

Well I feel like i am on a spiritual High! oh man!!!!

Well this week was actually a good week a wonderful week that ended in spiritually straightening and exhausting  What a week it was!! this week we invited a family to be baptized! 3 people and well the dad told us that he will find his sons so we can teach the whole family to be ready to be baptized on the 20th of this month. this was actually an interesting person. the dad his name is Temo he  looked for President Alvarez. he went looking through the whole town to find Alvarez. he found him and then he was absolutely amazed that we would take time to sit down and talk with him. We told him it was our calling to sit and talk to people to bring them to Christ. He said ok what do i need to to be promised eternal blessings? haha Wow OK but most awesome was when Elder Mora and I had our first lesson
I'm to try to get to know him but Elder basically went through every lesson in 30 minutes he asked we answered his questions that were all but the law of Chasity haha and then we said do you love your wife? he looked and sort of looked like what do you mean. He said, Brethren if i didn't love her than why in the world would i have married her? Oh that sort of silenced us and the spirit touched each of us as if to say, that is exactly what we need to preach. wow! he is such a great man. We go with his childhood friend President Alvarez. with the power that man speaks with i wouldn't really want to be in an interview with him. he is such a great help and well Temo has seen the change of heart that comes with Coming unto Christ.

General Conference was awesome!!! I remember when i was more of a kid haha when i lived in Indiana and my dad and I would go to the church early to set up the satellite and check the signal and get everything ready. Here it is through the Internet! and well I was Tech Elder or Elder Techno, this weekend yep techie is my other name haha. so when something went wrong with the computer everything is blamed on you. that's just the downfall of that but this one I was on my heals because someone thought it would be ok to set 3 computers up. WOW! that's nuttie when the Internet doesn't work well enough to have one. so i was sort of on my heals Sunday morning so that we could watch the whole thing so ya. 

this time around I want to bare testimony of the things that were said. the Church is true even in he Spanish Language. Yes Tyler Monson you are going on a mission were there is the true gospel its just in a different language! haha the only thing is in a different language its not as powerful. It doesn't have the power in the voice of Elder Holland or President Monson but the truth is the spirit takes the rest away. like Saturday afternoon and morning the Spirit was thrust upon the 20 people that were watching with the talk from Elder Bednar and President Eyring. it wasn't just a soft blanket it was thrust! as we cried during President Eyrings talk and when Elder Bednar said Repent and sin no more. He took a hard thing to teach and Wow turned it into the straight faced and directly focused it and bore testimony of the truth it is. wow!! I just listened to President Monson´s talk on obedience and well i have things to work on and President Uchdorf form Priesthood. We are loved!!! be obedient and we are not alone. Help thou my unbelief from Elder Holland. The Spirit Spoke the truth to my heart and told me what i need to work on. I hope we can all take the most we can from Conference. Let Christ heal our souls and look to him for the belief in him.

This week I had a scripture study that I have used a lot. in 2 Nephi 11:7 it says 7 "For if there be no Christ there be no God; and if there be no God we are not, for there could have been no creation. But there is a God, and he is Christ, and he cometh in the fulness of his own time". If there was no Christ there would not be anything. Have faith in him and turn to him Do all we can to believe in him with all of our hearts. Work in this gospel and strengthen what we have. Work on our faith in him little by little not all at once. Faith in him we may know the truth of all things. Faith and knowledge work hand in hand do all we can and do it the best we can. When we see imperfection remember its what we will learn from our imperfections. Ask for help if we need it because there is a Christ and he is all loving and if we look to him nothing is impossible. so look towards him. 

 Thats my week in a rewind! it was a good week! I know if we look towards Christ and if we will search for God and ask for help through him everything is possible. I love this work! Just have a wonderful week!!! And have good faith!
Suits for General Conference

Elder Jaymes Monson
enjoying homemade muffins...made in the microwave

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 27

Well Hello! Happy April!

Just to say something I'm hot and well its going to be hot this month! And well that's Explains the Picture at night the house is so stinking hot and well outside is always nice and well cooler than inside. so what better to do than go sit and read a book in the hammock! oh if Elder Reyes had a Hammock then sleeping wouldn't be so hot! but he doesn't and he said he doesn't want to sleep on a mattress on the floor. so ya. oh and i have found a that i am very thankful for water to drink! if i didn't drink water i would shrivel up and die!!! that wouldn't be a good thing.

This week was pretty um well not a lot of people. Well ok sorry there were tons of people here but only if we go to the beach to contact them. here the last week of our saviors life is celebrated by going to the beach being with family and well drinking. I'm pretty sure drinking is not all that
great of a way to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ but that's just me. So ya not a lot of people but the beach was full. so there are some people
enjoying he time off of school and some Rey's of the sun. Yesterday was Easter the day Our savior Jesus Christ arose from where he was laying and broke the bands of death so that we could live with him again!. what a great thing that was. Yesterday in church the speakers sort of went a little short like 1/2 hour short. haha so My good friend President Marcos Ruiz looked my way gave a Head nod and stood up and announced our net speaker would be Elder Monson. I stood up and at the surprise of Elder Reyes i went to the front as he scrambled to figure out what he would speak
on. he thought he was going to speak. ha haha I stood up at the front and bore testimony of the day it was. i said on the first Easter morning Our savior Jesus Christ broke the bands of death and arose to testify of his grand power the power of god. and i also spoke on how this coming week as we listen to conference its not the words they say its about what is testified to our hearts. I took all of 29 minutes and well we ended Church on time. i sat down and my Companion sort of blinked and said wow! thanks Elder for having faith in me. but I can testify that it wasn't what i said exactly its what the spirit said to each person. there was a think blanket of the spirit there yesterday. only the holy Ghost could testify of my words and make everyone understand a Green go tried his best in Spanish.

With General Conference this week I want to say somethings about what we need to do to prepare for this spiritually learning experience. The thing we need to do to prepare to be spiritually uplifted by the messages from his chosen seers and revelatory is to prepare spiritually. to prepare spiritually we need be attended to the holy ghost which will tell you the truth of all things. go into conference with a question thant you really want to be answered. then Ask god the eternal father in prayer.then listen to all of the sessions. be spiritually intuned to the things they say. it may come in anyway, So if you are spiritually attendant to the messages then you will get your answer. I know that if we ask for an answer to our questions our father in heaven will answer them. just listen to the gift we all have of the light of christ but for us that have been Baptized and have had the gift of the holy Ghost confirmed upon us then we have a special gift that will always help us through our lives. it has helped me in so many ways. As it says in Moroni 10:5 and by the power of the holy ghost ye may know the truth of all things. Just ask god and by the holy ghost we will know. This is the only true church there is no doubt  in my mind that it isn't!! We have the great opportunity to hear from a prophet of god President Thomas S Monson. what a great opportunity!!!
Well last Tuesday was my 6 months mark and well its amazing how time flys!!! one day you are in Lake Powell with your family and the other you are sweating in Mexico and wishing you could just jump into a lake and cool off!! But i guess that's just the joy of a mission. soon enough i can do that.

Well Thats my week! nothing much just another week in the mission!

Love you all!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson