Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 31 -Abinadi

Well this week was a good week.

This was my week...if i leave anything out its because my account just deleted my email I was working on. so ya darn Technology haha

I am getting transferred to Ixhuatan 2, its a new area just opened today we split Ixhuatan in half and well Elder Reyes and another Elder are in one part and me and another Elder in the other part. This Elder will be finishing his mission with me. So ya its pretty exciting for me. it has been fun finding things out about what is going on. I'm going to Arriaga tomorrow to go get my companion.

T and L were baptized last wendesday. it was a wonderful day both of them felt the spirit so Strong during the whole thing. L started crying after as she tried to make out the words, "I'm clean".  it was a very spiritual experience. What two great people they will go far in the church because they have friends and they are welcomed.       T told me he is the next Branch President. we will have to see about that. But both of them are like a kid in a candy store they just want to have everything they can of this gospel. they really will go far and they told us to start working with their two sons and so we are working so that the whole family can go to the temple. that would be a perfect thing for them. what great people.
This week I read in Mosiah about Abinadi and how great his faith was. He was sent to go preach the gospel to the people of King Noah. but then he was taken to king Noah and tried the king knew that he had not done right so he tried to have Abinadi Killed but the spirit of god was with him so strongly that he could not be touched. so he kept going he had a message to give and he was staying there until he gave it.He was dedicated and would not give up. What a man of god. Yesterday I was invited to speak English in a sunday school class. I was supposed to Explain the first vision in English and see if the whole room could understand how Joseph Felt during the Apostasy. so ya it was kind of fun to see how much i could spit out without saying anything in spanish. haha it was fun but it made me think of how lost Joseph was!
it was a good activity.

So ya thats my week How about that a great week thats what it was a great
week . This week will be an interesting one-  hope it will be good and we
will have too see where i am in a week.

Love you All!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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