Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 35 RAIN!!

RAIN!!!!! That's what I'm saying!!

Well I feel really refreshed like the rain and the cool weather has been helping me feel a lot better than just HOT!!! but before the storm or the "Season of Rain" it was so hot Elder Jenne said. Are we in an oven? haha we were really in the frying pan just Elder Jenne and I out there wasn't another person in the street!! oh well its raining right now and at least it smells wonderful! and its a pretty good thing I am half fish or at least I think I am haha. 

This week was a great week. Dilan and Braulio finished off the Pineda Family. they were baptized and well I had the great honor of baptizing Dilan and Elder Jenne, Braulio. it was quite good as the rain came down (the font is outside) for the first time since October. the heavens were opening up to make it feel good and well to make the Baptism a lot more personal, there was only a little bit of people who came and dared the little bit of rain haha. It was very special and a very good service. Elder Jenne and I sang, in English, Be Still my Soul. it made it so much better.  Just the fact that it is an amazing hymn. what a powerful one too. all good.

Really this week I learned a lot about the fact that the sons of Mosiah were just the best missionaries to follow and the ones that were really focused in the work they really didn't care what was the problem they went into the jaws of Hell and came out with the converts. Well they went in with the power of God and with the huge powerful wind machine blew out the bad haha. But really they had the promise that they would not die didn't mean that they wouldn't get out through the eye of a pin. they suffered the worst things but they had a promise from god and they wouldn't mess with that promise they didn't question the Lord they put their faith in him and did not doubt. man they are so cool haha. really it was a good study this week. Alma 12 to like 30 its all Good the whole Book of Mormon!!! 

This coming week we are going to put on the boots which we have matching of!!! haha oh wait that's really not that cool! but we are going to put on the boots and rain suits and we are going to preach the word of God!! that is what were are called to do not to complain because we might be wet we have a work to do and we are not going to let the Lord down. We had Zone conference as well and  President Cardenas told us that we have a work to do and we are the ones to do it not by complaining but by just by getting it done!.

Hope you had a great week!! and hope you have a great week ahead of you!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day!

A few things I remember about our Mother's Day skype call with Jaymes.

At first we weren't sure we would get to "see" him as we chatted and I tried not to be too disappointed but I had really wanted to see his face and she is reactions to questions and his cute facial expressions when he told us stories.  I knew that if I could see him I would be able to tell how well he is really doing.... silly MOM!
Once we got to see him I was so happy I couldn't stop talking to him.  He looked fantastic!  Just like Jaymes only older.. hmmm, really? :) We talked about baptisms, weekly contacts and discussions.  His new apartment and his companion.  We met his companion who peeked in to say hello and told us what a great and hard working missionary he is.  We also were able to see and talk with Pres. and Sis Alvarez who could not stop saying how much they love him, like a son.  Made me cry knowing the Lord placed a family he could be loved by far from us. There were several other people we were able to wave to and I tried out my Spanish.  They laughed, I guess my Spanish really isn't very good! :)  Jaymes laughed and told funny stories, he expressed how much he loves being a missionary and wouldn't change it.  He told us about the town of Ixhuatan and how small it is and how everyone knows everyone this helps tremendously with the referrals they receive.  People notice when friend is happy and ask why... the missionaries get right in to teach about God's plan of happiness.  He says they are genuinely happy people who when they understand the gospel they want to share it.  He said they teach 30-35 discussions a week!  we can hardly believe it.  But when asked about any service they do he laughed... "when would we do that?"  They are so busy teaching and sharing the gospel they don't get to do a lot of service projects, well only if you don't count their many visits with members.  He said he is healthy and hasn't had much sickness, a cold here and there.  He loves the people.  He couldn't express that enough.  He loves studying and loves his companions.  He has had quite a few and his current companion leaves to go home at the next transfer.  

I just loved hearing and seeing him.  He is happy, smiley and very much a missionary.  He isn't worried about home or what is going on here he is focused on the here and now.  The food is good, the people are wonderful and the members are so gracious and kind.  The rainy season hasn't quite come so he doesn't know how that will impact their daily teaching but the heat is a killer.  That day it was 103 degrees.  The only room/building that has air conditioning is the chapel at the church so Sundays they love going to Sacrament meeting!

Many tender mercies and blessings the Lord has given him and us at home while he serves.  I am so grateful for that!

Week 33-Happy Mother's Day

Well Hello!!!
Happy Mothers Day, a day late, to the Mothers out there.

Well this week was a pretty great one to tell you the truth it was very good good week! I really don't think there are not good weeks its just how you put your attitude in things. This week- last Monday we moved like i said and i was in a hammock sleeping for a week and my back hurts, i guess isn't really used to that quite yet but we will work on it. then on Friday we went with my friend Temo and bought a truck load of stuff like BEDS!!! and a FRIDGE!!!! and like those kinds of things you might want in the middle of a hot place, a fan was an important thing as well. it was nice to sleep in a bed and to feel good and to feel cool air from the fan to sort of dim the heat. then Saturday we had a baptism. the baptism of Rosalinda and that was good. she is a great she really is a great girl trying to do what is right and trying to stay on the path of truth and righteousness. that's always a good thing. so this week will be pretty nice we have a baptism of the daughter of Temo and next week of the sons of Temo so ya the family will be together forever in just a little while one year. so wahoo!! its so great to see people change and want to do what is right for themselves. 
Shopping for the apartment with my companion and T___
This week I have been reading about the Missionary work of Alma the younger. and Man if I could be like him there would be a lot of baptisms and well lots of people choosing to do right. which that is good. But he has a gift of seeing things as they really are. he can see and he can just get to the point. sometimes we beat around the bush or we act like "that's OK" to do that but not him he says why are you doing this? don't you know that's just down right crazy to turn your back against Christ. man do you have a mind? its what i have interpreted form Alma he gets to the point and doesn't really back off. its kind of like our bishops when he says do you have any questions or do you need help with anything. he is really saying i should repent and i should not procrastinate. ya or when is is like let me look into your soul and help you find out what is wrong. so ya its like Alma and well mixed with the spirit you cant be touched if you are like Alma. 

Yesterday was a great day!!! only once in a blue moon and times like by three do those blessed missionaries get to call home. And yesterday I got to Skype home and it sort of felt like I was in front telling stories but i wasn't. it was nice that makes mothers day the missionaries favorite day haha well because its the day for their moms of course and they get to talk to them wahoo!!!. it was an awesome day and well I'll remember that forever. next time my brother wont be there he will be on the other line haha. but what a special day and what a great opportunity to see the family. 

So ya good week and a good one coming up!! Hope all is well where you are and hope the heat doesn't get you too bad!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 32- new companion and moving day!

Well Hello from down here in Mexico

Hope everyone had a great week I had a wonderful, pretty great week. I am here in Ixhuatan 2 with Elder Jenne my new companion and it is great we just moved out of our house so that we can live 2 and 2 and it will be great just great. anyways. this week was pretty good because we just kicked the work up a notch here in Ixhuatan. Elder Jenne and I agree on a good pace we are finding people and committing them to baptism and just doing great. we hope to have 2 baptisms this week for Mothers day and Its going to be a great one. Today I drove a bike with a bed standing up in it!! that was pretty fun haha with all of my bags. I found out i have a lot of stuff!!! but oh well that's all good .
moving day!

Antler Elder

Elder Jenne and I eating Mango!  Yum!

This week was pretty good because its been a good week for investigators to find people and to get them to baptism. and well the efforts here are going well because its just amazing what the lord can do with your hands!!! just put your hands in a prayer and go to work.

This week i read in the book of Mosiah about Alma and how people change their lives for the right. it is really quite interesting how he can do this because well we do whatever we can to preach the word like Abinadi and then if one can just understand you then through their hands the work goes forward and it just starts like Domino's and you are all of a sudden in the middle of references and just saying well can we go and talk to them tomorrow or should we talk to the people getting ready for baptism and well its just all great and all good.

My favorite thing i studied about this week was about Eternal Families and how great they are. they are so great!!! I studied in Doctrine and Covenants and in Preach my Gospel to see how I could help the families that we are teaching understand the significance of the family. Families are eternal and well if i couldn't be with my family for forever i have no idea what i would do. Families are so important to the plan god has made for us. what a wonderful thing to have. whats even better is that someday when i get married i wont just be with my wife for time, we are hitched for the eternity. we are and always will be a family for eternity. that is the best thing the god has ever given his children. that and the chance to be here on the earth. and well beds and water and fans and well lots more but what is important is that he cares for us enough to help us be together forever. life is short so lets take time to wish the ones we love a good day. Even better here in Mexico the 10th and in the US the 12th the day for mom. can we make sure we wish the one that has given you everything a happy Mothers day I will too when i Get to call her and talk to here face to face. well via skype and through a computer screen. but at least its face to face well sort of.

Well I hope we have a wonderful week this week. life is good. the only thing going on around here today is "LOOK MOM THAT GREENGO HAS A BED IN HIS BIKE!!!!" or "MOM WHAT ARE THOSE TWO GREENIES OR GREENGOS DOING WITH THAT BED? DO THEY REALLY NEED IT?" haha oh well say what they want its the truth two greengos driving driving the street is a sight to see!

love ya!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson