Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Week 35 RAIN!!

RAIN!!!!! That's what I'm saying!!

Well I feel really refreshed like the rain and the cool weather has been helping me feel a lot better than just HOT!!! but before the storm or the "Season of Rain" it was so hot Elder Jenne said. Are we in an oven? haha we were really in the frying pan just Elder Jenne and I out there wasn't another person in the street!! oh well its raining right now and at least it smells wonderful! and its a pretty good thing I am half fish or at least I think I am haha. 

This week was a great week. Dilan and Braulio finished off the Pineda Family. they were baptized and well I had the great honor of baptizing Dilan and Elder Jenne, Braulio. it was quite good as the rain came down (the font is outside) for the first time since October. the heavens were opening up to make it feel good and well to make the Baptism a lot more personal, there was only a little bit of people who came and dared the little bit of rain haha. It was very special and a very good service. Elder Jenne and I sang, in English, Be Still my Soul. it made it so much better.  Just the fact that it is an amazing hymn. what a powerful one too. all good.

Really this week I learned a lot about the fact that the sons of Mosiah were just the best missionaries to follow and the ones that were really focused in the work they really didn't care what was the problem they went into the jaws of Hell and came out with the converts. Well they went in with the power of God and with the huge powerful wind machine blew out the bad haha. But really they had the promise that they would not die didn't mean that they wouldn't get out through the eye of a pin. they suffered the worst things but they had a promise from god and they wouldn't mess with that promise they didn't question the Lord they put their faith in him and did not doubt. man they are so cool haha. really it was a good study this week. Alma 12 to like 30 its all Good the whole Book of Mormon!!! 

This coming week we are going to put on the boots which we have matching of!!! haha oh wait that's really not that cool! but we are going to put on the boots and rain suits and we are going to preach the word of God!! that is what were are called to do not to complain because we might be wet we have a work to do and we are not going to let the Lord down. We had Zone conference as well and  President Cardenas told us that we have a work to do and we are the ones to do it not by complaining but by just by getting it done!.

Hope you had a great week!! and hope you have a great week ahead of you!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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