Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Week 36 Hurricane!

Hi from Ixhuatan!

This week was an adventure all of its own! It sure was fun!!! We were in Chuahites when the rain came beating own and well it was pretty crazy because my companion and Elder Reyes and Huitron were not ready or it. so the picture is of Elder Jenne telling us to hurry up because he was getting wet in his trash bag haha. but what fun it was to see the rain come flying down. it sure is an adventure here! 

I read this week in Alma in probably some of my most favorite chapters in the Book Of Mormon they are so full of power and so amazing it is just awesome! Especially where I read today in Alma 40 and 41 All about the Resurrection and how Alma Explained it to his son Corianton. in this chapter Alma really Explains the things he has seen or he has heard from the lord. We will all be resurrected someday and we will all have perfect bodies and we will then speak with god face to face to be judged of our works. this I know. I really was wondering this this week and it came today as I read Alma 40 and 41. what a great thing to be able to have our perfect bodies and be resurrected. that means i wont have this scar from my stitches 2 months ago haha. The things of the world really don't matter Money is good til we die then we will not need it and a nice car is good to have to feel good here in life but we wont need it after. The great thing is that our Wisdom will go with us. I sure hope to remember to pack it haha.

This week was really quite good quite good indeed. a bit of rain here and a good amount of walking for the lord work. This is the best work i think i have ever been on that and working in the yard haha. I cant believe that just a few weeks ago i completed one year having my call and well it has gone so fast!!! the lord has taught me so much through the Spirit and just by doing things. I can remember that I didn't know Spanish! but now Its part of my life! it is amazing to just see the difference in lots of things. I am so Happy to be on the lord work! there isn't anywhere else i would rather be!!!!

I love this work! Stay dry and stay happy! you can put on all the clothes the armor of god you can but if you don't put on a smile then you are hiding something beautiful! so Just smile!!

Love you All!!
Elder Jaymes Monson

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