Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 38 - New Companion

Hello Everyone!!!! Hope all is well. 

Well this week was a great week, its hot but you know i am Ixhuatecho (a person from Ixhuatan) the heat is good just hot that's all.  Well this week started out just awesome! we had a baptism!! the last one for Elder Jenne but it was so special. Her name is Derimeine (did-e-my-knee) She is a really great person a wonderful person who had a rough life before but now she is a new person.President Alvarez joked and told her we needed to keep her under the water till all the sins went away until the water is black he said. it was only a joke. she told us that she was absolutely scared she thought it wouldn't turn out right or wouldn't work. haha but i just smiled and said when we are doing the right thing with God it always works. she entered the water and came out and just put the biggest smile on and went and changed. While I was moping up the little bit of water on the tile she walked up to me and said wow i feel good i just smiled and said see it works. how couldn't IT work? I know that it will always work if we have the right intentions. later that night after a little party for Elder Jenne she knocked on the door of our house. we answered and she said um I don't know if this is good or bad but my mind is blank I cant remember my past, is this good? We looked at each other and smiled, Sister do you remember when we taught you that baptism was washing away your sins¿ yes, Well those things that you did wrong in the past are gone. they are gone through the love Christ has for you. She just started to cry and said this really was the right thing to do. she shook our hands and said i will never forget that I was the last Baptism of Elder Jenne and how I felt. We closed the door and just sat there and I said Elder What a great testimony builder and what a great way to finish your mission and he just sat there and said, wow the power of god is real. I can testify of that I can testify with my whole heart if we have true intentions and we really want to change its possible. Wow love this work!!!

Another thing that happened this week was I got yet another Companion. one person here said that I am like a little kid and clothes I keep changing. haha Yep I have another Companion named Elder Araniva (A ra nev a) he is from El Salvador. He is really Short!!! Its kind of funny because he is my senior Companion but i look down on him but the best thing is that he looks up to me!! haha. So that's a new thing for the week. 

One of the best things I learned this week was from the Book of Mormon something that is one of my favorite parts of the greatest book known to man! Its about 2000 young men that I am sure were built body wise. yep the 2000 stripling warriors! oh what great guys they are what power and faith they have. and what an obedient group of young men because it says they know what their mothers had taught them was the truth and they did it. they fought with God on their side because not one of them died they all lived and they all did the best in the eyes of the Lord and not just in their own eyes. ya they might have had a good looking body but they got it from working and from doing something, they fought for the people they loved and with the most powerful person and well he only person that needs to be on your side always, God. what great examples of strength in doing the best they can and doing it in the eyes of the lord. They really are the great warriors from the past. 

Well That's just a little bit from my good week. Hope you all are having a great Monday! its just a wonderful thing to be here in the earth to see all that we can do and to see what the lord can do for you. Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers sorry its just a day late but hey I remembered haha. 

Have a great week

Elder Jaymes Monson

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