Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day!

A few things I remember about our Mother's Day skype call with Jaymes.

At first we weren't sure we would get to "see" him as we chatted and I tried not to be too disappointed but I had really wanted to see his face and she is reactions to questions and his cute facial expressions when he told us stories.  I knew that if I could see him I would be able to tell how well he is really doing.... silly MOM!
Once we got to see him I was so happy I couldn't stop talking to him.  He looked fantastic!  Just like Jaymes only older.. hmmm, really? :) We talked about baptisms, weekly contacts and discussions.  His new apartment and his companion.  We met his companion who peeked in to say hello and told us what a great and hard working missionary he is.  We also were able to see and talk with Pres. and Sis Alvarez who could not stop saying how much they love him, like a son.  Made me cry knowing the Lord placed a family he could be loved by far from us. There were several other people we were able to wave to and I tried out my Spanish.  They laughed, I guess my Spanish really isn't very good! :)  Jaymes laughed and told funny stories, he expressed how much he loves being a missionary and wouldn't change it.  He told us about the town of Ixhuatan and how small it is and how everyone knows everyone this helps tremendously with the referrals they receive.  People notice when friend is happy and ask why... the missionaries get right in to teach about God's plan of happiness.  He says they are genuinely happy people who when they understand the gospel they want to share it.  He said they teach 30-35 discussions a week!  we can hardly believe it.  But when asked about any service they do he laughed... "when would we do that?"  They are so busy teaching and sharing the gospel they don't get to do a lot of service projects, well only if you don't count their many visits with members.  He said he is healthy and hasn't had much sickness, a cold here and there.  He loves the people.  He couldn't express that enough.  He loves studying and loves his companions.  He has had quite a few and his current companion leaves to go home at the next transfer.  

I just loved hearing and seeing him.  He is happy, smiley and very much a missionary.  He isn't worried about home or what is going on here he is focused on the here and now.  The food is good, the people are wonderful and the members are so gracious and kind.  The rainy season hasn't quite come so he doesn't know how that will impact their daily teaching but the heat is a killer.  That day it was 103 degrees.  The only room/building that has air conditioning is the chapel at the church so Sundays they love going to Sacrament meeting!

Many tender mercies and blessings the Lord has given him and us at home while he serves.  I am so grateful for that!

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