Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 33-Happy Mother's Day

Well Hello!!!
Happy Mothers Day, a day late, to the Mothers out there.

Well this week was a pretty great one to tell you the truth it was very good good week! I really don't think there are not good weeks its just how you put your attitude in things. This week- last Monday we moved like i said and i was in a hammock sleeping for a week and my back hurts, i guess isn't really used to that quite yet but we will work on it. then on Friday we went with my friend Temo and bought a truck load of stuff like BEDS!!! and a FRIDGE!!!! and like those kinds of things you might want in the middle of a hot place, a fan was an important thing as well. it was nice to sleep in a bed and to feel good and to feel cool air from the fan to sort of dim the heat. then Saturday we had a baptism. the baptism of Rosalinda and that was good. she is a great she really is a great girl trying to do what is right and trying to stay on the path of truth and righteousness. that's always a good thing. so this week will be pretty nice we have a baptism of the daughter of Temo and next week of the sons of Temo so ya the family will be together forever in just a little while one year. so wahoo!! its so great to see people change and want to do what is right for themselves. 
Shopping for the apartment with my companion and T___
This week I have been reading about the Missionary work of Alma the younger. and Man if I could be like him there would be a lot of baptisms and well lots of people choosing to do right. which that is good. But he has a gift of seeing things as they really are. he can see and he can just get to the point. sometimes we beat around the bush or we act like "that's OK" to do that but not him he says why are you doing this? don't you know that's just down right crazy to turn your back against Christ. man do you have a mind? its what i have interpreted form Alma he gets to the point and doesn't really back off. its kind of like our bishops when he says do you have any questions or do you need help with anything. he is really saying i should repent and i should not procrastinate. ya or when is is like let me look into your soul and help you find out what is wrong. so ya its like Alma and well mixed with the spirit you cant be touched if you are like Alma. 

Yesterday was a great day!!! only once in a blue moon and times like by three do those blessed missionaries get to call home. And yesterday I got to Skype home and it sort of felt like I was in front telling stories but i wasn't. it was nice that makes mothers day the missionaries favorite day haha well because its the day for their moms of course and they get to talk to them wahoo!!!. it was an awesome day and well I'll remember that forever. next time my brother wont be there he will be on the other line haha. but what a special day and what a great opportunity to see the family. 

So ya good week and a good one coming up!! Hope all is well where you are and hope the heat doesn't get you too bad!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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