Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 27

Well Hello! Happy April!

Just to say something I'm hot and well its going to be hot this month! And well that's Explains the Picture at night the house is so stinking hot and well outside is always nice and well cooler than inside. so what better to do than go sit and read a book in the hammock! oh if Elder Reyes had a Hammock then sleeping wouldn't be so hot! but he doesn't and he said he doesn't want to sleep on a mattress on the floor. so ya. oh and i have found a that i am very thankful for water to drink! if i didn't drink water i would shrivel up and die!!! that wouldn't be a good thing.

This week was pretty um well not a lot of people. Well ok sorry there were tons of people here but only if we go to the beach to contact them. here the last week of our saviors life is celebrated by going to the beach being with family and well drinking. I'm pretty sure drinking is not all that
great of a way to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ but that's just me. So ya not a lot of people but the beach was full. so there are some people
enjoying he time off of school and some Rey's of the sun. Yesterday was Easter the day Our savior Jesus Christ arose from where he was laying and broke the bands of death so that we could live with him again!. what a great thing that was. Yesterday in church the speakers sort of went a little short like 1/2 hour short. haha so My good friend President Marcos Ruiz looked my way gave a Head nod and stood up and announced our net speaker would be Elder Monson. I stood up and at the surprise of Elder Reyes i went to the front as he scrambled to figure out what he would speak
on. he thought he was going to speak. ha haha I stood up at the front and bore testimony of the day it was. i said on the first Easter morning Our savior Jesus Christ broke the bands of death and arose to testify of his grand power the power of god. and i also spoke on how this coming week as we listen to conference its not the words they say its about what is testified to our hearts. I took all of 29 minutes and well we ended Church on time. i sat down and my Companion sort of blinked and said wow! thanks Elder for having faith in me. but I can testify that it wasn't what i said exactly its what the spirit said to each person. there was a think blanket of the spirit there yesterday. only the holy Ghost could testify of my words and make everyone understand a Green go tried his best in Spanish.

With General Conference this week I want to say somethings about what we need to do to prepare for this spiritually learning experience. The thing we need to do to prepare to be spiritually uplifted by the messages from his chosen seers and revelatory is to prepare spiritually. to prepare spiritually we need be attended to the holy ghost which will tell you the truth of all things. go into conference with a question thant you really want to be answered. then Ask god the eternal father in prayer.then listen to all of the sessions. be spiritually intuned to the things they say. it may come in anyway, So if you are spiritually attendant to the messages then you will get your answer. I know that if we ask for an answer to our questions our father in heaven will answer them. just listen to the gift we all have of the light of christ but for us that have been Baptized and have had the gift of the holy Ghost confirmed upon us then we have a special gift that will always help us through our lives. it has helped me in so many ways. As it says in Moroni 10:5 and by the power of the holy ghost ye may know the truth of all things. Just ask god and by the holy ghost we will know. This is the only true church there is no doubt  in my mind that it isn't!! We have the great opportunity to hear from a prophet of god President Thomas S Monson. what a great opportunity!!!
Well last Tuesday was my 6 months mark and well its amazing how time flys!!! one day you are in Lake Powell with your family and the other you are sweating in Mexico and wishing you could just jump into a lake and cool off!! But i guess that's just the joy of a mission. soon enough i can do that.

Well Thats my week! nothing much just another week in the mission!

Love you all!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson

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