Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 30

Well I thought i was just here writing for last week - so well Happy Week! 30 weeks that went pretty fast! All I can say is the mangos are Delicious!

Today marks another week in my life and every ones...well happy new week!It just means new things a new start. so ya hope every ones doing well. I had a pretty good week nothing much happened but you know that doesn't matter if the work is going on! Elder Reyes and I are Enjoying seeing the Gospel turn people into the best people we know. T and his Wife are getting baptized Wednesday and how exciting that is We have seen T turn from a person who drank coffee and smoking to a man that will go far in the church. i can see it, he has a great group of friends in the church and he says he will do everything he can to always follow the Lord. His wife has been accepted with open arms to the relief society and well they even go and get her when she isn't there.  these two have powerful spirits. they are just great!! So that happens this week. 

This past week was actually a typical week here. teaching lesson's and an interview with President Cardenas a good week, just a great week in the work of the lord. I am just so glad to be on a mission because the love i feel for people that 5 months ago i didn't even know. the people here are so accepting to everyone. I love these people they are just so nice and so helpful. and they care for everyone. its just awesome!

This week I read in 2 Nephi Chapter 31 all about the things Nephi saw 500 years before the things actually happened. That is amazing!  the lord works in magnificent ways, he is for sure Almighty. I read the other day in Enos about his magnificent faith to have the lord tells him whatever he asks the lord it will be given him because of his faith. I have seen that through faith like Enos that kind of faith changes people their hearts and their will . when we get down and pray with all of our might then what else do we need to worry about. we are blessed from the lord we can ask him and we will feel his love i know this because i have done it and have felt his arms around me when i need him. the love of Christ is amazing he loves each of us. he is all loving he will love us even if we don't want him too he is like our parents they will always love us as long as we live. We are loved always we have the most loving father in heaven and he will always be there to answer our prayers.

these isn't a lot to write about this week sorry. it was a wonderful week and well i love being here but i don't remember this week it went so fast! I'm serious like not joking it went so fast i don't even remember meeting with president for five minutes. it was a quick one. sorry I will try better to remember this week.

I love you all its been a great week and I hope it was for you as well! Just have a great week and a smile changes a dull moment just remember that trust me i learned to just smile and everything will be alright. ;D trust me I'm a missionary! haha

Elder Jaymes Monson

Riding in the Van... District meeting

Siesta time... ah!

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