Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week 28- General Conference

Well I feel like i am on a spiritual High! oh man!!!!

Well this week was actually a good week a wonderful week that ended in spiritually straightening and exhausting  What a week it was!! this week we invited a family to be baptized! 3 people and well the dad told us that he will find his sons so we can teach the whole family to be ready to be baptized on the 20th of this month. this was actually an interesting person. the dad his name is Temo he  looked for President Alvarez. he went looking through the whole town to find Alvarez. he found him and then he was absolutely amazed that we would take time to sit down and talk with him. We told him it was our calling to sit and talk to people to bring them to Christ. He said ok what do i need to to be promised eternal blessings? haha Wow OK but most awesome was when Elder Mora and I had our first lesson
I'm to try to get to know him but Elder basically went through every lesson in 30 minutes he asked we answered his questions that were all but the law of Chasity haha and then we said do you love your wife? he looked and sort of looked like what do you mean. He said, Brethren if i didn't love her than why in the world would i have married her? Oh that sort of silenced us and the spirit touched each of us as if to say, that is exactly what we need to preach. wow! he is such a great man. We go with his childhood friend President Alvarez. with the power that man speaks with i wouldn't really want to be in an interview with him. he is such a great help and well Temo has seen the change of heart that comes with Coming unto Christ.

General Conference was awesome!!! I remember when i was more of a kid haha when i lived in Indiana and my dad and I would go to the church early to set up the satellite and check the signal and get everything ready. Here it is through the Internet! and well I was Tech Elder or Elder Techno, this weekend yep techie is my other name haha. so when something went wrong with the computer everything is blamed on you. that's just the downfall of that but this one I was on my heals because someone thought it would be ok to set 3 computers up. WOW! that's nuttie when the Internet doesn't work well enough to have one. so i was sort of on my heals Sunday morning so that we could watch the whole thing so ya. 

this time around I want to bare testimony of the things that were said. the Church is true even in he Spanish Language. Yes Tyler Monson you are going on a mission were there is the true gospel its just in a different language! haha the only thing is in a different language its not as powerful. It doesn't have the power in the voice of Elder Holland or President Monson but the truth is the spirit takes the rest away. like Saturday afternoon and morning the Spirit was thrust upon the 20 people that were watching with the talk from Elder Bednar and President Eyring. it wasn't just a soft blanket it was thrust! as we cried during President Eyrings talk and when Elder Bednar said Repent and sin no more. He took a hard thing to teach and Wow turned it into the straight faced and directly focused it and bore testimony of the truth it is. wow!! I just listened to President Monson´s talk on obedience and well i have things to work on and President Uchdorf form Priesthood. We are loved!!! be obedient and we are not alone. Help thou my unbelief from Elder Holland. The Spirit Spoke the truth to my heart and told me what i need to work on. I hope we can all take the most we can from Conference. Let Christ heal our souls and look to him for the belief in him.

This week I had a scripture study that I have used a lot. in 2 Nephi 11:7 it says 7 "For if there be no Christ there be no God; and if there be no God we are not, for there could have been no creation. But there is a God, and he is Christ, and he cometh in the fulness of his own time". If there was no Christ there would not be anything. Have faith in him and turn to him Do all we can to believe in him with all of our hearts. Work in this gospel and strengthen what we have. Work on our faith in him little by little not all at once. Faith in him we may know the truth of all things. Faith and knowledge work hand in hand do all we can and do it the best we can. When we see imperfection remember its what we will learn from our imperfections. Ask for help if we need it because there is a Christ and he is all loving and if we look to him nothing is impossible. so look towards him. 

 Thats my week in a rewind! it was a good week! I know if we look towards Christ and if we will search for God and ask for help through him everything is possible. I love this work! Just have a wonderful week!!! And have good faith!
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Elder Jaymes Monson
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