Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 26- Jesus Christ lives!

Well Hello!!!

Hope everyone had a great week, well if you didn't then you should have one this week ha ha. This week I got a new companion, Elder Benjamin de Hoyos Visited the mission, and yesterday President Arriviara from the Tuxtla Gtz temple istied our branch. Just a couple things happening this week. So ya my new companion is Elder Reyes he is from Puebla Mexico. He is a good guy, been in the mission for 11 months and well he thinks he knows English better than me, so a little different than Elder Mora but nobody is the same as another person so ya.

Elder de Hoyos was awesome! We traveled to Tuxtla all day Friday and Saturday he talked to us about finding those people that are ready to hear our message. By inviting those people that are our investigators to invite them to invite a friend to a lesson, or we can talk with the member that live next to them to talk with them and invite them or to do things with their family. A little wisdom from him that's just a part, there is so much more but working with the member's was a big part. another thing he said was to use the Book of Mormon a lot more to always have a copy in our backpacks and to use it a lot more. it is the keystone of our religion why not use it as such?.  a good one good good devotional all in Spanish but you know what? I knew everything he said i just couldn't have spoken it as good as him haha. But it was a great experience just need to practice to understand conference in a week.  all good. President Arriviara was awesome yesterday!! i remember him and he remembers me from the time I was in the temple and could not even talk with him I only had been here 3 or 4 weeks it was great!!! he is a great guy! he talked a lot about Traditions and how we need to have traditions that help us succeed in life and to progress. he said if we have these traditions we can better be examples to our families that we need to be. he said Family Home evening is a tradition we need to have for sure to help the family become better as one. i have seen this in my family. We are more happy as a family when we have that time together to help strengthen the home. it is a great thing. He told us that if we pray, read the scriptures and have FHE as a family we will better our families and what better thing for a parent to say than "here in this family we come closer to the lord". What a great thing to tell your children. My parents have taught me that and when i don't read my scriptures than through out the day there is something missing in my day. Starting out with Reading and seeking guidance from the power of the Book of Mormon than I feel like i have put on my armor for the day. So did you put on your armor today? i did!!!

Sister De Hoyos told us one thing that i would like to share. She told us that as Americans with our English Bibles we have a tool that the Spanish missionaries don't have it's the topical guide (TG). she said that Elder Holland told missionaries to look up topics about Jesus Christ in the TG and Evey week study these topics. there is 57 topics about Jesus Christ and well that's one for every week of the year and a bit more. so i took this challenge and we will see how much i learn about our Lord and master. She said that learning more about Christ is important because we are Representatives and we need to have his attributes as well. one of my favorite scriptures is a scripture mastery it's Doctrine and Covenants Section 76:22 - 24. Its my favorite because it says this, 22: "And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives"!  I testify that Jesus Christ lives he stands on the right hand of God and if we really seek him we can feel his love!!! I love knowing that! Jesus Christ lives! (this makes his Mom cry, what a powerful testimony!)  with Easter next Sunday and  this week here being, Semana Santa, or sacred week- which means a week of remembering the death of Christ, next Sunday we remember the Resurrection and the opportunity we have to live with him again. What a great thought to live with our savior once again! This is why I am out here, i want to share the love of our Savior and seek his light and help others to do the same! I love this work!!!

Well That's my wrap, that's my two cents today on this very hot Monday in March? ya i never really recognized it could be hot in march!!! but it is here! I love you all!!! 6 months tomorrow and well its all going so fast it just keeps speedilyy gonsalasing away from me!!! haha but thats ok we will make it for sure!!!

With all the love I can give!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson

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