Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Week 23 Wind, lights off and Pres. Monson

I never really know how to start a letter so ya ... hi!

Well this week was a pretty good week two baptisms, a zone conference, lots of wind, no lights for two days, well the least two were not all that great but who knows at least the lights came back on so i could write this letter.  Ixhautan is doing great a little under the weather because of all the wind and the trees falling but you know what all is good all is fine now.  to tell you the truth the wind was fierce but it felt nice and cool so that was a plus -you know what, if i look at the good things in life i seem to be much more happy.

if i counted how many people said "oh well your friends the Jehovah's witnesses were just here and well aren't you the same?"  or "well i got baptized in your church yesterday", oh really um and which church would we belong too? "oh the one up the street," oh really and whats the name? "um i cant remember but you are the same they wear a shirt and tie and wanted to convert me so i said yes that same day i was baptized so ya you are the same".  Um mam that would be the Jehovah's witnesses.  we belong to the true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, there is no other church. "oh OK that makes no sense but OK i guess i already have a church so have a nice day.."  Now if I counted how many times i had heard that and then had the door shut in my face i would have had a rough week but i decided to look at the good, like the two baptisms, of David and Virgina, both two great examples for their family's and want whats best for them. they are really good people. but ill get to that in a minute.

this week was good because of two other people. Julian and Maybelline. These two young people are bother and sister who have moved down from their mom to go to school for much cheaper and to work for their uncle. these two have a testimony of the truth and have attended church and have done anything and everything that god would want them to do. but they have a problem. their uncle who they work for told them yesterday they couldn't attend church with us because he didn't like Mormons they just want to convert you and baptize you and corrupt you with their evil devilish ways. Julian told us, and his sister was a witness, he said "i stood up and told him, uncle i know this is true and just because you hate the Mormons doesn't mean anything you me. it is my choice which church to go to or not" and his aunt, who is him moms sister said, then i see no reason why you wouldn't want to go to the Mormon church. but the uncle thought otherwise. so ya its a big old problem with him but the aunt he said told him that its your choice and his mom would probably be OK with it.  two great 16 and 18 year old young people looking for the truth. it was powerful he told me he felt like Christ was in him and he could have just commanded the lights to come back on. haha we still need to teach him some things  but he is a great young man.  we have reached out to the Young men to welcome him in and well they are more than willing because there is a girl involved haha and well they are now figuring out which one of them will go with us which days and all of that cause they think she is beautiful. well she is nice and they are two great young people.

Now to a different story. Saturday we had a baptism. but there were no lights. the lights had been out about the whole day and well all I  said was, "we can say a prayer". but then a young man named Paco said, we can put Magdiel's motorcycle in the hallway of the church with the light shinning in and put mine in the room and we can have light. President Alvarez just said, um who's going to clean up after and i don't think the lord rode a motorcycle. so why would we park something that the lord didn't have in his house? OK that's interesting. then President Alvarez said, Elder Monson can call his grandpa and ask him to see if he can turn back on the lights. I said well i have this flash light and i cant really call President Monson because - one he is not my Grandpa and two we can just say a prayer. then President Alvarez said well if you give me that flashlight and then call your grandpa then we Will be OK. He doesn't get that I am not President Monson's Grandson. He always tells me im the Prophets Grandson OK and does he need water? as a matter of fact I do need water President but I'm not quite sure who you are talking to. so anyways everyone changed their clothes and i tapped the light switch and the lights came on. so of course I heard all about how i have called my Grandpa some how to turn on the lights. so ya. But what a great service to see them enter the waters of baptism and to have just a few people there that really loved these people and helped us to change their lives. just two shinning stars. so ya a great night. But President Alvarez will not stop asking me how much to buy my Flashlight. I told him 10000 pasos he said OK i can get that in the House. haha i don't know how much it is but it is not for sale. haha

So ya that's just a part of my week the other part is my companion and I with gray hair as we try to walk thought the dust storm. they are nuts!!! i cant wait til the rain comes in the end of May because I feel like a fish out of water and i just want water. that's a big hardship for me, there is snow at home now and in the summer there is boating but here its dirt and in May to November its time to get a boat! haha so ya here its good all good its either hot or windy or what else oh you either eat chicken and tortillas or chicken and tortillas or re fried beans and chicken. that's about it.

Zone conference was good with President Cardenas my mission president it was good to talk with him for a bit and for him to say Man this Zone is one of the best and Ixhuatan is one of the strongest areas and has great Elder serving there. so ya all good!!!

Hope you had a great week!! Hope there is sunshine were you are cause well it makes everyone just a bit happier. when the wind was here it was hard for us cause no one was happy and we were the only ones and they say crazies to even be out. At least i got the dirt out of my ears haha. this past week was 5 months in the mission its pretty crazy to think that five months ago i was left on the curb to just start running!! I Love this work!!!

Well I love you all!!! Have a great week!!! And just remember to Smile!!!!

Elder Jaymes A Monson

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