Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 24! Falling Mangos

Hello from the hot south!!!
Well this is a week i will remember for my whole life!  it was a week of pain and a week of "what happened" and a week of "whats that on your head?" Well let me tell you. Tuesday i was jumping rope in the house for my exercises for the day. In the house here the door way is just a tad bit short. so as i was jumping rope i thought i was further away from this doorway but i wasn't. i hit my head hard against the bottom of the doorway and sort of fell down grabbed my head thinking it was a good hit but it wasn't just a good hit. my companion asked is there blood? i then lifted my hand with crimson blood covering it and i just said yep. he ran and grabbed the phone and called Sister Cardenas and told her what was going on. she said, Elders "where are you",  "in the house sister", "Elder wouldn't you think that if your companion is bleeding from his head you should go to the clinic?" oh OK ya we are on our way. we went to the clinic and he cut my hair and put two stitches in my head and well he is not a very gentile man i felt everything and it hurt haha as he did the old time stitches with a needle and thread.  so ya the picture is me after with tape all over my head haha. thats the good picture i could send a picture of the cut but i think that would be a little much as my Companion told me that i have a pretty deep cut and a pretty long cut as well.  we told all the kids that a mango fell from a tree hit me in the head and i fell to the ground and Elder Mora ate the mango haha they all believed it haha!  so ya i have a couple stories and i have had a little patch of goss on my head to protect it from the sun. but the funny thing about this is when the doctor asked my name, since i had a different shirt on that day and didn't have my name on it because of the blood. I said Jaymes, um your other name. Monson, Manson, no, Monson, Manuel?, No Monson, Ok well just put Monson then. Ha ha,it was sort of funny.

So ya that was one thing that happened this week the other is that we had a District Conference. it was good it is Just like a stake conference but the first one was filmed in Mexico city and well it was actually quite amazing. We learned a lot about the Virtue of women and how we all need to be a little better. Elder Ulisses Soares, Sister Elaine Dalton , Elder David Bednar, and Elder Richard G Scott. It was a wonderful meeting. We actually watched it on a VCR because they taped it from the morning  and then we watched the "Second Section" on a VCR player, Do they even make those anymore?, and a projector. so ya. the coolest thing was that Elder Scott got up after everyone else, including Elder Soraes who speaks Spanish as his primary language, he stood up after they all had had translators and spoke with a fluent tongue of Spanish!!! that was cool! and he spoke with such power too. It was all mostly About the virtue of women and how we all can make a difference with our diligent work. it was good a good Sunday!

Well this week hopefully there will be 4 baptisms like we are planning if not 2 so ya there is work to be done and well i will do my best. Next Monday i Might not even be in Ixhuatan i might be in Arriaga writing or in Tuxtla because next Tuesday I have a new companion and i have no idea who he is yet but i will tell you as soon as i find out.

 I just found out my brother is headed just 400 miles away from me in Guatemala City South Mission so we will be close and what a great opportunity for him!!!

Well hope you have a great week!!! I will do my best to not get hit by falling Mangoes or stop jumping rope in the house. 

A Dias !!! which means to god!

Elder Jaymes A Monson

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