Monday, October 1, 2012

First letter

The first letter came Saturday through the mail, it was short but oh so wonderful!

Written Thursday September 27, 2012
He says:U

My companion's name is Elder Van de Graaff from Arizona.  My preparation day is on Wednesday which is the only day I can write or email.

I love you all!  It is a great experience and will continue to be!  First day was rough but I made it.  This church is true no matter where you are.  I love our Savior.  He is always there to help and is always going to be.  I will make this journey and will not be a lone.  There are 7 Elders in our District that are all going to Tuxtla at the same time and we all came in yesterday (Wednesday).  The church is true! Day two is about done and I have a lot to learn! :)  But will make it with the spirit as my guide.  Elder Van de Graaff is a great companion, we will get along well as we both journey to Tuxtla.  I love you all and hope you are having a great day!  Mom don't worry too much about me because you "packed parts of you" with me, I am very well off!  Talk to you on Wednesday my first p-day.  MTC is great!  
Love you all!  God speed the right!
Elder Jaymes A. Monson

This letter also reminds those who would like to write that: is a great way for you to email a written letter to your missionary.  There is no charge and your missionary will receive a printed copy, delivered to his mailbox at the MTC the day you write.

YAY Elder!  How amazing to hear from him!

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