Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week one!!


Wow what a week!!! I feel like i am on a spiritual high!!! wow! To start this exciting, loving the gospel, learning Spanish, loving the CCT (MTC in Spanish), week! Wow that's a lot of stuff!

Wednesday, Wow what a day after being dropped off i was riped into the swing of things by meeting my new companion Elder Van De Graaff, wow what an Elder!, then running to our district Classroom where we started the whole thing off with a little SPANISH!!!!! Holy Cow! talk about being overwhelmed in the first hour! Next we had a Presidency MTC welcome where the MTC Presidency and their wife's talked to us and welcomed us to the grand old MTC. After being "sworn in" we had a little Dinner. Well if I have learned a couple things here its the church is true and the MTC food is made to have Elders have gas. so ya dinner then we had our first huge investigator lesson and that was good probably the only one of those i will have in Spanish for a while. OK so that's the end of day one. A lot to take in for a brand new missionary. 

Thursday was even better! felt a little down because it was my second day i was trying to learn Spanish and i was homesick so ya great start to a mission! So we learned more Spanish sort of it was more like, "elder did you understand what he just said?" the one thing that I remember is -Elders tomorrow morning you are teaching a lady named Monica. She is new to the Gospel and you and your companion will be given the whole lesson in SPANISH!!!!! -Yep what a second day surprise. he was saying Elders you just came here yesterday and you don't know Spanish but tomorrow you are teaching someone who only knows Spanish. so ya wow!!!!! Later that day we met our Branch Presidency and Our district got a District Leader (DL) our district is pleased to have Elder Huber from Palmyra New York! He is an awesome! what a great man.

Friday, Now this was a little calmer day but only after 8:50am and well it was a hard day cause not sleeping very well from thoughts racing through my head of what are we are teaching, what if i screw up what language again and why on the third day am i doing this? so at 8:20 an excited and scared and rushed Elder Monson and Elder Van De Graaff walked into a room with a Woman who didn't want to speak English to us, We taught about the most scattered lesson that we will and have ever heard. wow! but we made it out and the rest of the day was pretty great. We learned how to bare our testimonies in Spanish and how to pray as well! so now for prayers i am not speaking a laguage im used to but the lord only has one language it the gospel! so good day in an effect.

Saturday was Good had about the same things as Friday just trying to get Spanish down that's all.

Sunday, Well everyday feels like a Sunday but this Day was Fast Sunday!! now here you cant go get a snack after Church or anything like that you have to fast like for real! anyway we had a fast and testimony meeting and well the whole meeting was in Spanish. now i was trying to pay attention but when its your fourth day its not easy to speak the language so ya got lost a bit but very spiritual. After that was mission conference and well that was great very motivational. then after that was our Sunday Devotional which Brother Swenson came and talked to us about missions and how they are a good thing. so Ya great Day on Sunday

Monday Was About like Saturday Just Spanish All DAY!!!!

Tuesday is Devotional and Workshop Day! We had Elder Ellis of the 70 come and Speak on 
D&C 88:10. and Our Workshop was on How to learn the language better.

Today is P-Day!!! great day! Started off at the Temple and writing letters! so if you want me to write you directly write me on Dear Elder it gets to me and i read them the same day!!! Look on my Blog for it! i would love to send you a personal letter!!!

Sorry for the shortness its time to get ready to teach Monica in like an hour! Spanish is tough but I'm going to make it just study study study!!!!

Great day!!!! Great Week!!!! Great Start!!! the Church is true!! Amen!

Also if you at all write me write me on cause then i can answer! or just write me a letter Just make sure you send me your Address! :D Thanks!

A Dios!!!! Love you all!!!!
Elder Jaymes A Monson

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