Thursday, October 25, 2012

Week 4!

Hello Everyone!!!

What a great Surprise when i woke up and found SNOW!!!! Yep I would never have guessed!

Well this is how the Fourth week at the MTC was:

Thursday! Well a good day for sure!!!! That's all! JK (just kiddin'), the day went a little like this. Did some service like every Thursday morning at 6 am then ran to class taught Samuel about the Atonement of Christ, well Elder VDG taught him I was a little hesitant to speak cause the atonement in Spanish is not the same as in English! ha ha so ya it was a good lesson for sure he felt the spirit and wanted to be BAPTIZED!!!! yep got him for the 12th of November!!! oh ya! So after that just same old stuff like TRC. Ya not a big deal. Wait not a big deal that's a huge deal! TRC always happens on a Thursday, probably that's why its called Thursday TRC haha. So we taught two volunteers about the Holy Ghost and why we need it in our lives!!! It was some pretty good stuff. I gave the portion of the lesson from the scriptures and asked the person when the had felt the spirit and they said something in Spanish I could not tell you that's when Elder VDG steps in so I can try to figure it out. First guy Elder VDG gave the most part of it and the second was ME!! wahooo! yep I gave the simplest lesson on the Holy Ghost and just said. Es Verdad which means it’s true! haha so after that President Bulloch and his wife, good friends of my dads, came and grabbed me out of class took a picture with me and stole my camera!!!! No I gave it to them to give to dad to fix, that's my Thursday!

Friday! Well this day was just about the same as every other day here at the MTC.
 Eat, sleep for a bit learn Spanish and go back to bed! yep that’s how it is. Wake up go to class study, eat then go back and learn for 5 hours then eat then go back and learn more for 6 then eat then go back learn for like 4 more hours and go to bed! It’s great to have a schedule. But on Friday I started out reading in D&C 133 where the Prophet Joseph was Martyred. What a great start to my day! The best part of it was when it says he sealed his name in blood for God! It is powerful! What a great Man! Then the rest of the day I studied D&C 25,22,1,4, and 4 in Spanish! yep I'm learning slowly!

Saturday! well on Saturdays I'm used to helping my dad do something and working hard on these days! Now here at the MTC Saturday is a normal day but you work 10x more to be ready for the next day Sunday!!! Well my Companion and I taught our favorite investigator Monica! yep and Elder Monson taught it again! wahoo! she wasn't reading the Scriptures so I told her to for sure and also read Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:4-5 and also the intro to the Book of Mormon so ya big time stuff! haha I can tell you the Spirit is there if you invite it and if you plan to teach and let the spirit guide you in the lesson! We had a huge lesson to teach but right off the spot I felt it needed to be put off till next time she needed to read the scriptures but most importantly she needed to PRAY about them!!! Saturday was good. Brother Frey he teaches us sometimes in class but he is way cool! He just came home from Mexico from his mission and played at USU football before he left and is trying to make it on BYU's team to play next year as WR. So we chatted for a while about football until dinner was over and we talked about his Mission and it was awesome!!! He is a great guy!

Sunday! Well the best day by far!!! It is a good day every week. We learned about Repentance and the Spirit in Sacrament and repentance again in Priesthood! Way cool! Then Elder VDG and I taught our district about D&C 131 and about Faith in Jesus Christ. We got the topic about 10 seconds before we got up to teach! We taught by the spirit and we as missionaries can do anything God wants us to do for sure!!!!. I gave the prayer in Priesthood in full Spanish! yes! haha it was good I know a few things and am learning everyday! The best part of the day was in Sacrament the Departing District sang "A Poor Way Fairing Man of Grief" and wow! They started out in French! Elder Olivea he is from France and he started out and then Spanish then the last of 6 verses in English! It was super powerful!!!! I am pretty sure I was crying! The Spirit manifested the truth to me and it was fabulous. Then in Sunday night devotional an Elder sang it again, it was a great day with one of my favorite songs! Temple WALK was awesome!!! Took some great pictures with a camera that wasn't even mine so ill send them soon.

Monday! It was good for sure! Just a normal day eating and class that's all, learned the Spanish endings so that was helpful! haha it helped me with a lot of things! A normal Monday nothing Much to say!

Tuesday! Yesterday was great! Elder Echo Hawk came and talked to us for Devotional. He spoke on Conversion cause he is a convert himself! He told us that conversion is a process and not a one time thing! so ya it was a very moving talk and the song the Choir sang was “This is the Christ” and well it sounded so much like the Mo Tab Choir! It was cool! Sister Echo Hawk talked about how the Mission applications jumped 470%!!! ya we are now trying to expand the MTC cause we are pretty close to capacity now, well we were when i came, but now its tapering off a bit but they expect the Sisters to come in around March and fill the MTC with SISTERS!!! That will be a complete switch cause we are ELDER run here! The rest of the day was like this! Studied D&C 33 and then Sis Bulloch came into my District after Devotional and gave me a box!! ya a Box! She said it was my camera but it was a big box with my camera and Doughnuts!!! yep my district loves the Monson Family cause Elder Monson's mom and dad where thinking of the District! so ya a great day!

Today! woke up went outside it was snowing walked to the temple in it and well have been inside all day cause it just stopped snowing. Welcome new Elders it snows here! haha Its been a good day a good relaxing day!

Thanks for all the Support! I love you All!!!!

Scripture for the week Alma 26:12 read it!

Signing OFF! from MTC!

Elder Jaymes A Monson

Me and Elder S

Me and my comp...showing off
Hanging out in our classroom

President and Sis Bulloch

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