Friday, September 28, 2012

A Missionary- Elder Monson!

He's a Missionary!  We spent an amazing Tuesday evening at the Stake Presidents office as Jaymes was set apart as a missionary.  He was blessed with some wonderful gifts that will truly help him become a strong missionary.  

We started Wednesday morning doing Baptisms for the Dead, as a whole family, in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  What an fabulous experience to have all your children surround you in the temple.  Loved it!  So Elder Monson started his mission with 20 baptisms!

Good-bye and the Drop off!

Our classic first day of school spot on the front porch, and yes Elder Monson is headed to a very cool school...the MTC!

What a hard day! It was tough on everyone.  You think you've said everything and hugged enough but can you ever say "I love you" enough or give enough hugs?  No!  But we sure tried.  As we pulled up to the curb at the MTC his host missionary was so excited and happy which give Jaymes the extra umph to wheel his suitcases up the side walk and walk into a new chapter in his life.  We haven't heard from him yet
but feel that he is settling in and soaking all of it in.   

Just pulling into the MTC
our last few moments were spent at the Provo Temple surrounded by lots of missionaries

saying good-bye to his best friend - DAD!

don't look to closely those eyes are filled with tears

Elder Monson!

Thanks for everyone's encouragement, support, love and especially prayers.  He is blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and examples.  Now go get em' Elder Monson!

Love that Missionary!

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