Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just about ready

The bags are packed.  I can't think of anything else he needs (well except his Mom :)) and he seems a little anxious.  We have had a long day with a funeral in our ward so my emotions are on a roller coaster. At this point I feel ready to watch him soar.  Wonderful times ahead, just can't wait for his adventures to begin.  But whose kiddin' who?  I'm sad, happy, excited, nervous, sick to my stomach and feel incredibly blessed all at the same time!  What a great young man who has a testimony of this gospel of Jesus Christ and wants desperately to serve the Lord.  I am blessed!  Now for dinner, the setting apart, Brayden's ordination, a trip to the temple to do baptisms for the dead as a family (in the morning), say our good-byes and then the "drop off".  It's time.

-Love ya Jaymes (almost Elder Monson)

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