Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 9 and 10

Hola!!! hope all is well where you are!
Well Hello All,
The past couple weeks have been very very interesting I'll just skim through the days but its been super interesting to see what i have done in just 12 days! wow!
So Thanksgiving we did a service project with the humanitarian part of the church for the people of Mali Africa. we as a whole mtc put together kits for them. It was very good for sure. Elder Holland came and talked to us as well it was good I have been adopted into his family now.
That Friday was a whole day in field orientation it was good and i learned a lot about how to deal with ward members, so that was good.
Saturday was a lazy day did laundry packed and then said goodbye to Bro. Welch it was good nothing much happened besides that.
Sunday Well last day in the US and ya it was good for sure nothing much except finishing packing and making sure everything was ready for the next day and took the sacrament Last couple days in the US quite laid back and nice.
Monday the 26th, well this day was super fun let me tell ya about it!!! so at 4 am after going to bed at about like midnight i got up made sure I had everything and then picked up my bags and walked out of 5m at 5 in the morning to load up a bus to the airport.  the nerves were going for sure i really liked the MTC. so we got to the airport checked my bags and then picked up the phone to talk to my FAMILY!!! ya it was pretty awesome to hear 5 familiar voices talking to me. then at 8:20 got on an airplane said goodbye for a bit and flew out to AZ. then got there sat on the tarmacs for like 30 minutes cause we were 20 minutes early. then finally got to the gate ran out called mom again and grabbed my carry on and ran to a plane that would take me out of the land i love. so i said goodbye which was hard very hard and talked to a man from Oregon who is a member of the church and he is very nice for sure. then i found myself asleep like 20 minutes later and then waking up to fill out a immigration card. then we were there!!! holy cow and i was so tired. so we all ran off the plane to immigration. which um took a very long time i might say because there was only a few people working. so our plane was supposed to leave at 5 we got in line at 330 no big deal but then it was, by the time we got to the front of the line our plane had left 15 minutes before. it was not good at all nothing we could do! then a man who is a member speaking English told us to follow him and he would get us a flight in the morning! haha so it was like 6 pm and all of us were tired he got us a room at a hotel across the street and told us to be early the next day. so we went there got a bit to eat cause we hadn't had time to eat at all and we went to bed very early like at 8 when i finally fell asleep. so ya very busy day and my nerves were not good.
Tuesday still not in Tuxtla yet. we woke up at 4 am again and ran to the bus that would take us to another terminal. so we ran very fast to the terminal and the people did not help at all they sent us on a wild goose chase to who knows where. then we finally got the right counter which we had been at about 10 times. we got up to it and they said, sorry the plane is full no bags can come through so we said wait a second it leaves in like an hour! can we please get on and they said nope you cant sorry. so then we went and talked to the aeromexico airline people to try and get on another flight. they said that we could and so we got on one at 1030 which was alright. so we told president the night before that we would be there the next morning and we couldn't get ahold of him so we just went for it and we flew out to tuxtla at 1030 we landed at 1130 got our bags a few didn't have theirs. then we waited and called president still not answer and then we called church headquarters and they said they are sending someone right now so we waited for another hour and then they finally came at 345. it was a very long time in the airport. then we got in the presidents secretary's van and raced to President Cardinas's house where we had food! first time in about 2 days! it was good then we got talked to by the Assistence and then ran to see where we would be going. I got assigned a companion ELder Picuasi from Ecuador. he has only been out since july so ya he is brand new as well. we got assigned to labor in my first area Ixhuatan Chiapas Mexico. its all the way at the top of chiapas. then we were told to get on a bus and to stay over at the zone leaders house and get back on in the morning. Ixuatan is 4 hours away from tuxtla so that's what we did.
Wendesday we got on a bus and then 2 hours later we got off and got in a taxi that took us to our house. then we planed the day and went out and taught some families all while I was like um where am i? i can't understand them why am I here? AH!!!!! so ya here we cant, well in my mission, we cant knock on doors. we have to have referrals to talk to people. so ya oh also this day we had a district meeting and ya it was good all in Spanish which i need to learn pronto!!!!
Thurday woke up did study and packed a bag cause Elder Picuasi going to Tuxtla for a meeting so OK I didn't understand him but ok. Oh by the way Elder PIcuasi Doesn't speak English well only a few words but thats it. so we loaded on the bus and I got off and had a new compaion for two days. His name is Elder Cano. he is from Guatemala. He doesn't speak English either but I Taught a whole lesson in Spanish hah jk I have yet to do that here. but we finally got to the town I totally forgot the name and we talked to one person and went home at 9 haha it was a weird day for sure.
Friday all day with elder Cano. it was good we went and talked to many people and we talked with some members for a while it was good just not a big day just two jr comps out doing some missionary work or at least trying. then We spoke to a man named gorge. he is nice. We taught him about the plan of salvation. it was good nothing much did i understand. then that night I got on a bus with Elder PIcuasi and we went back home and went to bed very quickly.
Saturday ok this day was the first day that was actually a full day!!! it was a good day as welll. so we started our studying and then went out and did some missionary work. we went and talked to many people and taught a young women and her sister their names are Diana and Dianica. we went and talked about the restoration. We showed them a movie on our portable movie player it was about the restoration. then we watched it and their Little sister came up took my pencil and well it was closed and she acted like she was coloring in my scriptures. it kept her busy at least! haha we walked a lot and talked a lot and I have no idea what we did execpt we drank a drink called holcheta it is very good. other than that i didn't understand anything!!! so ya
Sunday well yesterday was good. we went to two churches and in between we went out to find people to come to the afternoon church. it was good but very very very very hot cause I didn't have anything to drink or eat because it was fast sunday. so it was a long day probably because we ate at 8 pm that night so ya. but in church I shared my temtimony to both branches it was good we meet in a chapel its a very small chapel and well it had AC!!! oh ya aren't we so lucky!! well at least here we are!!! so ya we went and talked to a lot of people that day.
today just a normal p day well not really we had to go get our money for the month and so we did that studied went to the stake presidents house and did our laundry and ya its been a good day now im just sitting in a little computer station and writing this.
well thats been my busy days here!!!! I can not get mail well at least not for 7 weeks cause thats how long it takes to send a letter to utah! so ya its been quite different its been good the food is very different and its a different sort of place like daybrake close houses but a lot smaller. everyone has hammocks and everyone has one big room and a porch or another room to sleep. It is very good to be out here exept for when i study cause i miss home when i study because i feel like i am so far away but that goes away after we start so ya. its a good good place and its going to be a good mission i just need to settle in but its hard cause i have to keep all my clothes in my bags cause there is no dresser so ya its going to be great! I just need to know the language.
I love you all!!!
Elder Monson

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