Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 13 Feliz Navidad

¡Feliz Navidad! or Merry Christmas either way its the same except that today here is noche bueno (night good) and well its just Christmas Eve and well what a great day it is!!!

this week was actually very good!! started the week of like always P day was first and then well i got on a bus and went to tuxtla guterrez. well that was fun the  ride like usual was 4 hours long on two bus the  first one broke down and ya just a big mess got to arriaga and well then we ran and got on another one just In time, it was crazy. then in the morning i went to the temple in Tuxtla Guterrez Mexico and wow its small and it is really different because its so small. but it still is a house of the Lord. it is just as beautiful as temples all around the world but i still like the one on a hill in South Jordan haha, i went and did a session in the temple and while it is the same ordinances it was not the same language! ah!! haha all in Spanish and well you might think its hard to remember things in English its really hard to remember them in a language that well is pretty much that if you say something just a little off it means something else so thank goodness for kind temple workers! haha.  It was a good experience in probably the smallest temple i will ever be in! haha so anyways after that we had a Christmas party it was nice, just great! then we got on buses and went back. it was pretty great! we got a microwave for Christmas it is pretty awesome but we haven't used it yet so we will have to use it soon.  this week has been good except two days. Thursday and Friday were pretty crazy days! we had a lot and i mean a lot of wind!!!! it was crazy and my shirt turned a different color both days because of it! oh man we walked a lot in two days and man i wish i could send some pictures, it was crazy. one of the things here that is not really reliable is the power and well because of all the wind the power went out! and it was in the middle of daily planning at the end of the day!! so i was prepared thanks to my good neighbors the doritys and had a big old flash light, i took a picture and it is pretty sweet!!!!! but i cant send it so hopefully i will soon.

we had another  BAPTISM!!! oh ya two souls so far and as it says in D&C 18 15-16, how great my joy has been cause i have brought many souls unto him. Yesinea is her name and she is super Animal (excited, alive) and has devoured the gospel in one gulp. it just goes to show that there are people out there prepared for the true gospel. she is one awesome girl 17 years old has a little girl named guatalupe and knows that when she was 15 that having a kid was not the right thing to do so she has repented and is just going to do so well in the gospel i can just feel it and hopefully she can find a man that will think the same way. so ya its been a good week for sure.

it doesn't feel like Christmas eve at all. not when you are sitting in an Internet cafe sweating and looking at the blue sky. that's sort of not my view of a Christmas, me in my White shirt blue pants.  christmas goes like this...Study study study oh maybe a bit of Jesus the Christ then study then prepare a talk then well walk around and talk to people. that's my day! sounds pretty awesome. Thats because its not about me you see, its about a man and son and person who we all know. its all about my best friend that i am proud to wear on my white shirt. its about the only man the only person that no one can ever top. its about the son of god, the boy Jesus whom we all celebrate in our own way this time of year and for a lot of people today and tomorrow is about Jesus Christ or here Jesucristo. The boy that was born in a manger and that went around not thinking of himself and how awesome he was he thought of others and went around not with the top kings and priests but with fisherman. and those very men changed and shaped the world as we know it today. those very men once fisherman became disciples of the lord Jesus Christ! now if they could do that in three years who knows who a missionary will baptize haha. and well if you couldnt tell the usuall Elder Holland talk is still playung everyday!

Now let us have a great Christmas! its a White Christmas at home and that's good enough for me! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Wonderful week! i know I will! like always Spanish is coming and I am feeling more a part of the people as the people actually want to talk to a big and tall man...well not very big the branch presidents son is like 6' 2" and I'm only 6' 0" so ya, but now they talk to a white guy or greengo in a white shirt and tie. at least i can make sense of somethings they say at times! 

Merry Christmas!!!! 

Love you all!
Elder Jaymes Monson

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