Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 7

Wow how the weeks go by!!!
¡Hola from the Grand Missionary Spiritual uplifting place, also called the MTC or in spainish the CCM!
What a week it has been! its been super FAST but its been a spiritual ride I wouldn''t change for anything!
In just 12 days I will be on my way to a place I don''t know the language all the way yet, a place I have never been, meeting a companion that I never have seen or met before, in a place with people that I have never seen before, and the funny thing is they are expecting me! and they already Know ME!!!  So hopefully my Travel plans come soon!! hopefully today or tomorrow!!
Thursday - Started off at service, and again i vacuumed the whole 9m and well it was good, i guess. But on our paper we wrote down "Caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs".  It was funny the person over us got a kick out of it!!! It was good! after Service we prepared for the day and prepared to teach Sylvan and Gunther. They are good guys, we taught them about the True Church and how Joseph Smith was called by God to do this. so it was a very good lesson. later at night was the usual TRC, this week was our first 40 minute lesson. it was good! Elder VDG and I thought it might be hard to talk for a full forty Minutes! but then we got in there and taught the gospel, a bit of destruction happened so I lassoed it back up and brought the spirit into it and Taught something that I didn't quite know but tried my best and ended up doing really well!!! so ya Thursdays are long  but they are also very very good days! this one was very good!

Friday - Well woke up and saw some clouds in the sky and heard we where going to get some snow but oh man I didn't expect what happened! It started out raining a lot! we went to Breakfast and after we were walking out and then the snow let loose!!! it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed and by the next morning there was like I don't know, 9 inches, which isn't a lot but it was just enough to get the Tree branches breaking and the Arizona Elders worried for their lives!!! well just like a trace would get them worried! so ya Friday, Sis. Heinzen had us play a game to review our Spanish. Elder Hastain and I where put as companions in the game. We took third but it was a lot of fun and I started getting the Spanish! it was awesome! I then had ZRT's (zone resource training) with Sis. Woulacowski (talk about a name!) and she showed me that i was doing well in Spanish!!! She showed me that I can do it! it was awesome!!! Yup a good Day! snow brought me closer to home for sure!

Saturday - Well Saturday I woke up to... Snow plows? Everyone thought It was going to stop but the snow didn't! it was awesome!!! I instantly remembered Dad and how he taught that Baptism is like new Snow, being pure and clean! it was a good memory for sure! so then Sis. Villalobos taught us about the Book of Mormon and how we shouldn't get down on ourselves for our Spanish. She says, "the lord will help you in every way!" so trust in him! that's a positive thing! she also told me that I was doing awesome and that she was so proud of me and the acceleration in Spanish and how great I am going to be! she is awesome!! Then Elder VDG and I taught Sylvan and Gunther! it was a great lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It made me remember how great this gospel is! Then we taught Samuel about Prophets and how they are Important then I felt like we should go into Word of Wisdom and so we dove into that and he has been keeping his goals of no Coffee and he is doing well with it! Then later in the day Bro. Welch came in and we had our Planning. We planned for this week and the big change that was coming, Elder Simpson leaving for Fresno on Monday and Elder Garcia being Elder VDG and I's new Companion. It was good we found out more about each other and how we are all doing the same thing serving in the name of Jesus Christ by the Spirit. Good Day for sure!!!

Sunday - Well it was a great day! We had Sacrament and then I went and Wrote all about how My dad being bishop has changed my life and how it was a changing experience for my family. He got released that day and It was good to reflect on the great Memories of being In the Bishops office with the best Bishop in the world and having him and I talk about what I am here doing right now. I can say My dad is always on the Lords errand. What a blessing it has been in my life. After writing we had Priesthood on the Holy Ghost. Brother Nelsson taught and he shared how the Holy Ghost has helped him in his life and how he is forever in the lords debt. It was good then My District in Sacrament meeting Sang "Grand eres tu", How great thou are't. It was awesome! what a great District I have! then Elder VDG and I taught on the Holy Spirit of promise and how it is essential in our lives, by keeping the commandments of the lord we can have it. Sunday Night Devotional we were taught about being preoccupied by the little things & keeping the main thing in mind -the main thing, it was good!

Monday - Well Monday was good woke up Helped Elder Simpson pack and then Elder Garcia and I took him to the shuttle and saw him off! yes we turned around and said, "yes he is gone!" now if we could get all of his stuff shipped out to him and to his parents then that would be good. So ya He has been here for 11 weeks it was about time for him to go! I am now in a tri Companionship. Elder Garcia, Elder VDG and Myself. We are the tree amigos! We then were taught about teaching people not lessons and how important it is to do it. Then All tree of us taught Sylvan and Gunther about the importance of the Book of Mormon. It was great! That's about it for my Monday just got some letters, well Dear Elders and read them that Night. 

Tuesday - It was a good day! nothing happened except Teaching Samuel about tithing and the Devotional. Elder Bradly D. Foster came and taught us about the law of consecration and how John Taylor had that back with Joseph Smith. it was good! nothing really happened and well that's it.

Today - Went to temple and wrote home and had a fiesta in Elder Sayama's Room! it was fun!

Well Another Week has come and gone! I am so close to being out of the MTC! 12 Days!!! hope it is as spiritual as it can be!!

Love you All!,

Elder Santiago (Jaymes) Monson

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