Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 6!

Well it was a good week but not a lot happened it might be short. I only have 2 weeks well two Wednesdays left, that’s nuts!

Thursday - Well we learned like usual and we had TRC it was good i taught about baptism and the importance of Church. it was so good! it was fabulose!!! I shared a story of my baptism when i was 8 and my testimony. It was great! Learned about the spanish language and how we invite others to church through that language so ya it was good. Pretty simple day just like the week. new distict came in last week, and ya talked to them to make sure they were comfortable. The best thing was in the middle of the day got announcement about Monday. oh and we got two new investigators, Sylon and Gunther. They are cool, Elder Sayama and Elder Roberts.

Friday - It was a good day just taught Samuel about the WOW word of wisdom and ya was great. Sis. Heinzen told us that on Monday we were going to welcome in the incoming Senior Missionaries. She said it was a good experience for us to do this so we decided to do it. We learned like usual and well it’s been a nice relaxing week just learning a language and trying to speak it in the afternoon.

Saturday - Played Soccer in the field! oh ya! scored 11 goals!! new record! it was awesome! scored 3 from standing back in the goal! ya I'm SO cool mom! haha then I learned stuff like Spanish and about the Holy Ghost. A good day!  It really has been one of those weeks! Saturday we taught Monica about Kingdoms of Glory and then just found out more about Monday. It was a good day just a lot of class and a lot of running in Gym on the Field.

Sunday - Fast Sunday, It was good I bore my Testimony in Spanish. We had Mission Conferance and well it was pretty darn good!!!! We learned about being guided by the Holy Ghost and about  the root of joy is Gratefulness.  It's not joy that makes us grateful it's gratitude that makes us joyful. We need to constantly be searching to avoid the stumbling blocks of pride and of the world by searching for God. also The Holy Ghost is essential to conversion and we need to promise to always follow him.We need to become more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. President Brown the MTC President taught us about the Quote "the greatest week in the history of the world is the last week of Jesus Christ's life." He taught that the doctrine of Christ is so essential to our full conversion to the gospel. Later that night we learned from President Seamons of the District Presidentcy that our Name tags are the most important thing we have here on the mission. The "black Nametag shows who we are who's we are and who we represent. it was a very good talk! i was amazed it was fantastic!

Monday - Now this was the best day of the week!!! oh man! WOW! Ok started out serving the Senior Missionaries. We had five elders from our district and 20 couples coming in. so we were on our feet shuttling the biggest loads i have ever seen in my life! thank goodness some of them drove their own cars and we didn't have to take those! Ok i helped 5 couples going all over the world! it was a great start to a day!! then after running all over campus we had a break before we LOADED A BUS FOR..... the Mexican Consolet in Salt Lake City Ut. for our VISAS!!! we went there and signed them! I passed my old life it was pretty good to know I was doing something better. but the best was as I turned to my left as we drove down there and saw My temple way out by my house. I was feeling just like i was at home. it was a good feeling. at the consolet we signed papers got our pictures taken and learned about day of the dead. it was good! fun infact! best day of the week! also learned about home from dear elders and from letters from home.

Tuesday - It was good. we had a lesson on the Holy Ghost and learned about the importance of church like usual. Then had Elder Craig Zwick come and speak in devotional about being disciples of Christ. He said to become a better disciple of Christ I will.... we had to fill it in. one of the main points was forgetting yourself and helping others. he taught about the best way to be more like Christ is to live like the life he did. it was a good talk for sure! not much else to say about that day it just was a good day like usual.

Today - Went to the temple and ya thats about it now that I look at it. Preparerd for Monica because we teach in like an hour.

Well sorry for the length of this but it was a good week for sure hope I can have more like them. The days are winding down and counting down til I leave the MTC and fly to Mexico to serve the people of Tuxtla,  just trying to learn more spanish and trying to rememeber the things I have learned.

Love you all,

Elder Jaymes Monson

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