Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 54: The Iron Rod and Waterskiing

Well Good Morning Everyone or Afternoon or Night what ever time you may be reading this. 

My dad always told me going on a mission wouldn't make me a missionary as much as sleeping in a garage would make me a car. I don't know if its true about the car but I know that the whole mission would be a loss if I just went for the thrill haha its really the spirit that leads and guides us not just the body. 

But one thing I learned this week was that General Conference is the best!!! What a spiritual weekend we just had right? man I just love conference especially if I get to hear it in two different languages. it was just amazing. really I have been thinking a lot about something Elder Kevin S Hamilton talked about, The Iron Rod. now there are three different types of people the ones who just say its too hard I'm going to the easy way, the ones who are just like- look at me i have one hand on and one hand off, or the ones who are white knuckled and wont wave at anyone because they are too afraid they will fall down or get distracted. now who are you which one would you like to be? will you be the one that's like well lets go have some fun!! or the one that's like hey why are you laughing at me? or are you going to be the one that's like focused in on the goal that golden sweet fruit the gospel of Christ. now I have seen everyone of these people one from every group. the people who are ready and go in the gospel, the ones that are just there and then not and the ones who are just ya sure ha ha . 

let me compare it to a water skiing example. when water skiing you can just hold on to the rope and you will get pulled right on up and you can hold on to the rope and just let the boat pull you ya you are doing good you might get a bit beat up from the waves but you ll be still holding on. or you can be a person who gets up and says I'M up then lets go and see if you go anywhere and as you are falling grab the rope if its possible and then get dragged underwater that would be one way to do it or you can go out and make the best of it go out in the calm water and make the best of it. it depends on you. you can stay in the church for just a bit and as Sister Bonnie L Oscarson said it is possible to have a testimony of the gospel but not live it. it is possible that would be the person who gets up and then falls down reaching and then getting drowned back in the water. then you can be in the middle and get beat up by all the temptations of the world and just not have all the fun you would like to but its OK. or you can go into the water that's calm and smooth and make the best of the gospel having fun and being involved. it depends on the person you want to be. if you are in the right place and doing the right thing you will be blessed and will have a just about perfect ride or you can get beat up in the middle and be like ya i know but this once wont hurt. 

Like Elder Neil L Andersen said, you can live with the blessings of the priesthood or you can not. It depends on you. Don't be a fish with a testimony, that swims and just goes with the current. Get out and do what it is you need to do to have that great ride live life with in the means and standards you have been taught and live it to the best you can. You Can do it get out of the things you shouldn't be and get in to the way of the lord. he put us here to have fun but not to ruin our lives he wants us to be well and to smile  every once in awhile because life is great. and well don't forget to "LOOK UP" (Elder Ochoa) 

I loved conference it was great just one of the best things to recharge the old batteries. What a wonderful blessing we have to be members of the church and well Do you have a winning game plan? ( Elder Nelson) I love you all hope you all have a great week and well a great journey through life as we cling to the rod of iron and we press forward as saints of this true gospel with steadfast faith in Christ. I love this work!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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