Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 57: my second companion, the Holy Ghost

Hello my friend! that's what I hear in the streets here and its in English or its hey man! haha this is not the US!

Well this week was good Saturday I completed 13 months in the mission and i am not quite sure why time flies so fast but it is flying at rapping speeds. and  with the nice cool weather we have had this week its been an awesome week because not a lot of sweat! ha! but its been good to just see how things change as time goes by and with the nice cool weather we have been more ready to work and to just be ready to go except yesterday when we changed times haha we came to the falling back time and its great -you sleep more that night but not if the sun comes up at 5:45 and your eyes are getting hit by the nice light of the sun then you ask why!?!?!?! i would like to sleep, then my companion throws his pillow out the window haha oh wait that didn't happen but we wanted to to see if we can hit the sun haha so ya the sun is a great thing but we want more of it at night because then we can see where we are going.

the highlight of the week is the picture of the very funny and oh man more of a brother than a friend- Fredy, he got baptized. and man he was so happy. he got out of the water and gave me a hug and told me againto hold him down for 5 sec... haha i told him no and he said Elder I told you for 5 seconds not 4 haha. but what a great guy he is. I am positive he will be a missionary in a year. just saying.  what a great conversion of a mighty man of faith but was not all that easy for Elder Zambrano and I, we really worked our tails off for this young man. so ya but it was all worth it in the end. another child of god entering into the kingdom of god. what a blessing it is, mighty man. kind of like Yoda we can say, like Luke in star wars Yoda literally raised him up to be the mighty Luke like we know. the best part was probably the drive spiritually Fredy has. I don't know its a ton of work spiritually but its worth it, it always is. 

I was reading this week about the divine companionship from Elder Holland, its a talk he gave to the missionaries in the mtc in 2009, he talks about how we need as missionaries to have the spirit as our companion. so we go out as 3´s he says the spirit should always be our companion not only in our missions we need it in all of the things we do in our marriages and in our families in all things. but there is a question that he asks us to make as missionaries he says we need to ask ourselves if the spirit, or the holy ghost, was our Senior comp or our Jr. comp or was not there at all. we need to ask ourselves this in all things. if we are making a decision well did i let the spirit guide me or did i just make the decision. so ya it depends on the situation. he also says that if we as missionaries don't have the spirit with us as we are teaching then we shouldn't teach we are prohibited to teach. because the person will not progress. its like the story of Joseph and Emma when Joseph was translating and he had had a little argument with his wife. so he couldn't translate. so he went upstairs or where ever she was and he apologized and well he could translate again. when we are in the car traveling and I am angry well then the whole family is angry. haha isn't that right mom? (yes, the mother will attest to that! :)) haha and well it effects everyone, the holy ghost. so well we better use it right and we better have it always with us. its something that we learned with Fredy when we taught him throught the spirit then well he progressed and wanted to be better. then we brought him to Christ or more better to say we came with him to Christ and dropped him off to go and get more to bring them to Christ. 

Christ doesn't just say come unto me you and only you he says come unto me all. So you can say that we are in a car that is traveling there with a person at a time and well sometimes its smooth sailing and clear skies but other times its well a flat tire or they get out early. but we are then going to go back for others who want to go to the kingdom of our father together with us. so ya Fredy was a smooth sailing and well all we hit was a bit of rain but we brought him home to our father heaven we stayed for a bit there and now we are going to get some more people. its true we have a lot on our plates because well its every person in a different car. so we drive a lot haha. but that's OK we like doing it that's our job right now. 

SO ya that was my week a bit like -wow what a great week. we will just keep moving foreword and moving upward. 

 I love you all hope you all have a great week and well Happy Halloween. and here its the Day of the dead. 

Elder Jaymes Monson

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