Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 55: Sunshine!

Well good day to you,

Today is transfer day and Elder Zambrano who I have been with more than anyone else besides my first companion is going to a different adventure in his mission. He is off to the heat. Haha and well I will just stay here and receive a different one to work with. His name is Elder Sanchez and we will see how he is this week.

I just want to tell you, Every Morning we wake up and its a tad bit dark outside we say our prayers and do some exercise and well about 645 or 650 the most beautiful thing comes over the mountains and as we are doing some sit ups in front of the window or something like hat we feel the warms of the sun as it rises up and we feel the peace of the day start to come in. Oh what a beautiful morning one says and well then another Elder says let me get my camera, another says that's amazing and I just say, Wow what a beautiful view and what a blessing that just came into the room. OH want a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day plenty of sunshine heading my way oh zippidy doo da zippidy ah wonderful feeling feeling this way. Its a blessing from god coming into the room and well what a great blessing it is. something I have always loved is a sunrise not just after it rains all night and the sun brakes the clouds and looks like the picture. no its the feeling you get when it comes and you see it. I remember being in Hawaii with my family and we would run out on the beach and we would walk along it as the sun comes up and hits your face and you feel the warmth it brings. what a great thing my dad told me in Sweden when they see the sun the close their eyes and take a deep breath enjoying what the sun brings into the day. 

The sun is a huge blessing that god gives. in the bible in Genesis it says the god made the light and the light was good. but a natural work of art like a sunrise is amazing a huge blessing. Without the sun there would never be happiness. the coolest thing is what the sun brings. I remember having a day that well didn't go very well this week we couldn't get a lot done that day. but as the sun came up that next morning the warmth hit my face and it as like i got more freckles or sun kisses ha ha It was the warmth I needed to just say well today is a new day. or as Annie says the sun will come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow. and well it doesn't really matter how horrible our day was before the sun will come out the next day it may be covered by a cloud but it comes out. everyday is a different day a new day to make better and to do better. it really doesn't matter how horrible the day before was in the mission the sun comes up and we are ready to have a better day. the sunrise marks a lot of things but most of all it Marks a new start. I love it the sun will will always come out tomorrow it might be an art piece or it might be just a blast of sun or a peak thought the clouds but it will come out. better days are always ahead. enjoy a god made art piece and then bask in the sunshine. I love the sun even through it might burn you sometimes it is so enjoyable. if you go boating on a cloudy day it doesn't make it fun even through it might you not get burned it still isn't fun without the sun. 

I think sunbeams in Church really are sunbeams because they cant do anything wrong they are always there to just put on a smile and sing Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam ha ha. what a great thing little kids are. you can see the "sunshine" in lots of things especially in people who are happy. We can see it in our family if we come home and mom has had a good day she is happy to see us and she puts on a smile there comes in some sunshine and well I can see it in some people we are teaching as they really take in effect the blessing of the gospel. We are the Sunshine's god little Sunshine's from the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. I love this work. Just remember to look at the sunny things in life! We can all be Sunshine's in other peoples lives. 

I love this work and I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

Elder Jaymes Monson

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