Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Week 18

As my good friend Woody says, Well Howdie partner! haha

Well this week was a pretty good week not to bad at all, a baptism! Well
i read a great talk that my good friend Mike Kimball gave me before i left
for this adventure of a lifetime. It is a 20 page talk on faith. To
start the picture is of Daniel a stripling young man of 18 years who has
what some would say "Faith in every Foot step". His Faith in our Lord Jesus
Christ and through prayer became a young man of truth. He is just
awesome!!!! I feel better just being in his presence. The picture was
last night cause well a person in the ward deleted my picture of us before
the baptism. (I have had to convert my camera into Spanish so that i
don't lose things haha.) So speaking of Faith I read the talk which says in

it, "When we have total faith we have no doubt" this is true when we
have total faith and we pray with all our might we have no doubt that
what we ask for will come true. This has come true many times as I have
seen peoples life's been changed because of their faith. Like Daniel he had
a lot of faith to go against his Parents and join the church. He had faith
in Christ to soften the hearts of his parents and well it happened. When we
have faith is something we can not doubt.  Doubting only lessens your
faith. We need to have total faith in what we believe. Elder Holland
explained this in a talk given in the priesthood session of conference
October 2011. he says; "you cannot play for the adversary whenever
temptation comes along and then expect to suit up for the Savior at temple
and mission time as if nothing has happened. That, my young friends, you
cannot do. God will not be mocked. " When we have total Faith in Christ we
need not play for the Adversary we play with full might mind and
strength for the lord at all times. We are not to go against the laws of
god. that talk by the way is an awesome talk!! man! so anyways. Faith is
needed to do all things. I have Faith that I Can have a baptism every week
left in my mision. 86 weeks left and i can have one for every single week.
This work is changing it is getting better just in the last two months,
since last Saturday was my 4 month mark, been here for 2 months already!!!,
anyways since entering the Field the lord has softened the hearts of the
people. more people which a month ago said no to us have excepted us. and
this is happening all over this mission and others. the lord is preparing
people for us to teach and we can have a baptism every week. What a great
opportunity to be a missionary! I have faith this will happen and we will
see. Faith is a great thing it has helped me to come closer to Christ. by
having faith in what the Holy Ghost tells me then it will happen.

Another thing I learned this week was from my wonderful President,
President Cardinas, We had meetings and interviews with him on Wednesday
and he taught us that if we have 5 families in the ward and teach them and
love them then they will refer us to 5 more families and then we can do
that over and over and over again and will bring people to the arms of
Christ. I love this work The arms of Christ are open to all people at
anytime. We have investigators and Members who feel good when we come and
teach them and feel Christ more when we come. I am telling you as i have
told them the arms of god are always extended, Always. when we kneel in
prayer are we just saying things to just say things or are we getting down
on our knees talking with the Father who loves us. He is our father he is our
dad. he is just like our loving parents he cares for us and whats the best
for everyone of us. When was the last time you had a good talk with your
Father in Heaven? I know that's one thing I need to work on at times.
sometimes I am just ready for bed or still a bit sleepy coming out of bed
or rushed or whatever it is, and i just say a quick prayer. I have seen the
difference in a prayer that is just a quick thank you and please bless my
family prayer, to really earnestly finding out what i need and to talk to a
person who loves me more than anything else. there is a difference from
being rushed to forgetting the world for a minute and thanking my father
for his helping hand in my day. Its helped me and well it will help
everyone. He is our loving father he loves us and will help us through
Faith and through Earnest prayer.

Anyways this week was good. Tuesday I taught Family Home Evening with the
branch in a persons home. My companion and I taught about being true
disciples of god. from Elder Johnsons Talk from this last Conference. What a
great Talk. I taught about how every person is a missionary in their own
way we all have a light in our eyes that people long for. we all have the
savior to look to. Now let us be the true disciples of Christ and be the
very best we can be. I am a disciple and so are you except its a bit
different i wear a badge and you don't so its not the badge that makes us
disciples its whats inside of all of us. Spanish is coming and everything
is good here I love serving the lord!!!

Love you all!!! Have a great Week!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

Elder Hollands Talk We are all enlisted
Elder Johnsons talk on Becoming true Disciples

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