Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week 14 Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope your new year is filled with lots of love and joy!! I have a goal this year its pretty simple. Serve The Lord for a whole year!!!  This is the only full year January to December that i can do this full time with a name tag on so I plan on just living the whole year to the best of my ability. With the name of Jesus Christ on my white shirt i plan to be just like him well as close as a 19-20 year old young man can get. There is one Scripture that i have loved for a long time and well ever since reading the Book (that's always in my bag except in a different language English) the Book of Mormon. Its the last testimony the last hurrah of the greatest book known to the Mormon world the scripture is Moroni 10: 32 and 33. "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him". That's the message i carry everywhere I go.  Come unto the only person that loves you more than anyone else. Yes even more than a mother, i know its hard to believe sometimes but its true!

"We chose to wear RED for Christmas!"
 I know that my Moms week and Christmas was made on Friday and my Christmas was made a thousand times better, When I called home through Skype. What a great opportunity i had to see my whole family and say Merry Christmas and feel like they were across the table from me! that made my week right there! I love you Mom and Dad!!! and you too family.

This week I celebrated a Christmas that I probably wont forget because I was 5000 miles away from in a place i now call home. But it is great that the moon is the same everywhere you go. Every Night I look up at this moon, which has been absolutely amazing!!! the last two nights as it comes up its been glowing orange and is amazing! but anyway the same moon is everywhere, we are all connected by the same moon at night. and one of my favorite things is to walk by the light of the moon by the light of my family! So anyway this Christmas was a great one. Here December is the party month.  well it is. Lots of parties that's how they celebrate and tonight and Christmas eve are the biggest of the year! Christmas eve we were invited to many parties but we cant really go to them so the members bring food to us.  But Christmas eve i ate Armadillo now it was very good tasted just like everything else here except sweeter. it was quite good as a delicacy party meal. then Christmas We ate the most i think i will ever eaten in my whole entire life!!!! aha!!! i think i gained like 100 lbs haha jk. but it was a lot!!! My favorite was probably the Coconut Drink or the horcahta! it is very good!!!!  So ya that's just a bit of the Christmas except we had a night with the district and we had a couple people there and I taught the true meaning of Christmas. It was good! They didn't really know why we celebrate this great Holiday so i helped them recognize it is all about the savior. it was nice.  Its been a good week and I'm looking forward to what this next week and year will bring.

Wednesday was my 3 month mark I have been at this life changing and life forming work for three months and i love it!!!! Its going to be a great Mission and a great Year!!! the gospel is all around us. a talk i listened to this week was by Elder Holland go figure haha but it was from October 2011 or 10 don't remember but in the priesthood session about staying in bounds and keep the commandments. It is very good there is a Mormon message about it. another is by President Monson in the same session i think about the 3 R's  it is a great one too.  i suggest listening to them if you can find them. It has been a great week listened to Elder Bednars talk on being true disciples of Christ and also a few conferences ago about the holy ghost a messenger of Christ. Man those three men are amazing speakers including the rest of the quorum of the twelve as well. Another one was a talk by James E Faust to the young single adults about blessings. it was a great one. I think I listen to too many of the talks they are all scattered in my mind, the life of a missionary thats all i have to say. In Spanish they aren't really powerful not really any power in their voices.

Happy new year!!! here is another Scripture for the week. Moroni 7 all of it and 1 Nephi 1:1...I nephi (Jaymes) having been born of goodly parents. there are lots more but i don't have my scriptures with me ugh now thats not a good thing i should say because i should always have them as a missionary.

Have a great New Start to a year full of opportunities!!! Hope you and your Family have a great New years and a great week!!! Well an new year is upon us and lets just do the best we can!!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson
pet Iguana... and a delicacy to eat..
This is his Christmas present...soccer jersey for best team in Mexico

This is his Zone at a Zone Conference Christmas Party. 
Elder Monson is on the second row from the top 7th one in from left

Tuxtla Gutierrez Temple, Dec 19, 2012


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  1. He sounds great. So proud of him and his determination to serve well. He's an amazing young man and an amazing missionary. We sure love him! Praying for him nightly.

    ~The Doritys