Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Week 16

Hello from the place where the last three days has been hot!

Well this week was good the weeks seem to speed up just a little at a time this week went by super quick and well its already half way through January. Now that's seems weird to me cause if feels just like yesterday that 2013 started and yet we are half way through the first month of 2013 wow!!! well anyways its been quick for me and it just gets faster the days fly by sometimes and sometimes they are absolutely the slowest days of my life. I am not having too many of those thank goodness but the Fast ones are coming and they are coming quickly.

This week I read in Alma, which is my favorite book in the Book of Mormon, if you can have a favorite book in the Book of Mormon. I especially like the man in this book whose picture hangs in my room at home and I have here with me in my mission-thanks to my mom. (For just a moment I want to tell you that Moms think of everything. you might think a picture of your favorite person in the Book of Mormon is just another thing when you start but when I read about him I was thankful my mom remembered to have him tag along. Moms know everything!!!! and well they are just amazing!!) So Friday I read the big part of my Favorite person in the greatest book to ever be printed. I read about Moroni!!! Man he is awesome!!! It says in Alma 48:17 "If all men had been and were and ever would be like unto Moroni, Behold the very powers of Hell would be shaken forever ye the devil would never have control over the hearts of the children of men" Now that's a great guy!!! not to say he is almost as strong as me haha. that was a joke man i wish i could be just like him. Can we all be a little more like the figure of Moroni to shake the very powers of Hell forever!!!! well that's what Missionaries do in a way! they shake the powers of hell and loose the bands of wickedness of people and change the hearts of men to do good. Its sort of like a story i know oh wait!!! the Book of Mormon!!! the very thing I teach and the very thing I know and read daily happens everyday!!! a person becomes converted and runs to the opportunity to share the gospel. that's like my companion who two and a half years ago was Baptized and is now on his sixth month in the mission Field cause he felt so good about the gospel he couldn't keep it in. Its like the people in the Book of Mormon like Alma who heard Abinadi Testify and then He was converted and baptized many and fled the city by promptings of the holy ghost and then was straightened through prayer and came in contact with Mosiah who then let him Preach and he Baptized Thousands and then we have his sons story which we all know he preached against the church an angel came struck him like he was dead then he jumped up and taught the gospel and turned his life into a total life of service to God!!! now that's amazing!!!!

Another thing I learned this week was a lesson on the significance of an attitude. Now I am not saying that I had a trial but i learned how attitudes help you or dont help your day. I learned that if you wake up with a smile your day should be a good day or if you wake up saying "man its already 630 why!!!!?!?!?!?!?" that's probably not a good attitude, but it's all about an attitude that makes the day it is. First day back to school you may choose the length of the day!!! you can wake up say "you have got to be kidding me school seriously!!!" and your day will be -i don't like school or wake up and say i don't thin k i have ever said this out load but "I love school!!!" now that's a good day. when i am thank full for my day and the opportunity to be alive and be in a different country then i can have a good day.  now i just have to hope that I keep that mind set cause it gets easy to complain or to say "why me" when your back pack is the size of you and has plenty of things in it and your great Companion wont stop hitting your shoulder you just have to say "ya Elder we are friends" through the hurting pain in your shoulders or "ya Elder lets walk more" haha My favorite mindset is when i sing "Pioneer Children sang as they walked and walked" haha or change it to "the two sweaty Elders sang as they walked" haha that might get me down so another song pops in the good old full of Inspiring thoughts "Fly like an eagle" as i start singing in a language nobody knows it makes me feel better!!  Its all about an attitude that makes or brakes your day.

Now what brought this up was I listened to a talk from President Uchtdorf from 2010 October that says Things that matter most. It is all about what matters most in our lives. This is just a thought or two but lets make the little things like a person cutting you off on the road or someone here doesn't let you in cause you are a Mormon and well they don't want to be converted, lets not have those set us off they re little.  keep a good attitude and let your Mind only keep positive thoughts. Let us all try just a bit to be a happy people cause when we smile or have a good attitude people want to talk to us and well that's a lot better then having people not want to be in your presence. Everyone has a great smile now use it!!!!

this started because a missionary who was leaving to go home at the end of his mission woke up at 330 in the morning and him and his companion got ready for the day to leave at 530 but they weren't quiet, they sang the whole time.  now because of this Elder Picuasi and I had no sleep, at least they could sleep in the car we had to go to work!!  so ya I thought about how my attitude would be that day, I have determined to make a god attitude and make it the happiest days ever.

I'm teaching people and hope they come to church on Sunday so they can be baptized, we will see what happens this next Sunday.

Well that's this week a sample at least. Hope all is well where you are. Here its just hot and is going to get hotter!!! so yahoo!!! by the time i come home I might Look like a brown Elder.

Have a wondeful Monday and a wonderful Week!!!

Love you all!!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson

Wearing my new Christmas tie!

Picture of my Tan Line haha I wear a watch always!!! even while I am not actually wearing one!!! that's what you get for being a White boy in a hot sunny place!!!


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  1. He's a great letter writer!! I was inspired just reading his letter today. You did an amazing job raising a wonderful missionary!!! You should feel like the Mom of one of the stripling warriors...and they did remember the things which their Mothers taught them! Such wonderful praises to a wonderful mother! Thank you for sharing!!!