Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 17

Well hello from way down in Mexico!

Well to start off its been a bit chilly lately. so Monday through mid-day Wednesday was pretty good warm hot and all other things dealing with living closer to the equator. But then Wednesday afternoon hit and the wind started to whip down the dirt streets and this is sometimes usual but this time it came whipping down from the ocean. Now if you know anything about a wind coming from the ocean at least in Ixhuatan Mexico you would know that HOLY COW that's a cold wind. So that came and well the temperature dropped people brought out their winter coats like winter coats for Utah's winter and didn't really come out of their houses. But two missionaries (me and my comp) put on Sweaters and took the city by storm and well I "caught" a cold in this storm and well it made Thursday night through yesterday pretty "stuffed" days haha. But now i am doing better i feel better and well i hope it completely goes away so that i can stop sneezing and stop sounding like a bass singer haha. Its hard being a bass when you want to be a tenor haha. Well anyways this week was a good week. so much was done and so many people have said no- so ya its been hard- but its been good too. Thursday I went with Jared Alvarez a 16 year old and went on splits with him and taught three young men, 21 20 and 15 year old, about the restoration and that was good. good to see them try to change their life's for what they want for the future. Saturday I was stuffed up but went on splits again and this time with Eric a 17 year old who plans to serve, like his older brother, in June. his brother got home last June, anyway a good week. 

this is my thought for today. While I have been out here I have seen people change their lives for what they believe is true and they sometimes take a total turn around. But the significance of ONE CHOICE is all that makes the decision. One Decision to except the missionaries, One Decision to follow Christ for their whole lives, One Decision to serve a mission. Our lives are full of decisions but some of them, if we make them before hand, would be a lot easier in the long run. for example, I made a decision at age 12 to serve a mission at age 19 or as soon as possible. then when that time came I didn't have to decide to serve or not I had already decided. There are many of these decisions that if made earlier are a lot better when the time comes. but for these people Like Yeseina, my first convert, I helped all the way through the process. We were talking on Tuesday (After you baptize someone you are supposed to go back through all the lessons) now this was a great opportunity last Tuesday to go through lesson one the Restoration. This was an awesome lesson probably my favorite one since entering the Mission Field. We sat down and went through the lesson and all of a sudden we started talking about how great this gospel really is and how it blesses our lives!!! it was awesome. But then we started talking about decisions and how she made one decision to come and sit down and listen to these two young men and to hear what they have to say. She made a decision that know changed her life. Elder Picuasi Joined in and said that two and a half years ago he decided to except two missionaries in and now his life has changed and he is here in Ixhuatan serving a mission for that same church that came to his door. I have made many of these decisions that have shaped my life. Decisions shape who we are. one decision comes to mind when I was playing a soccer game and decided to go for a header and ended up on the ground with a broken wrist. or a positive decision was when I decided to not fight against my dad and got up on skis and now can see why he constantly didn't give up on me in trying to make me see, what today i love to do. Sometimes decisions start off super hard but since we decided to do them lets finish them. I decided to serve a mission which in the beginning was tough but right now and forever it will bless my life. somethings are rough to start but we can do  anything if we just keep going through- there is light at the end of the tunnel. The significance of one decision is absolutely the one that makes it. The hardest step is always the first one, but after that it just gets easier. The Greatest step is the first so make the first one and everything else will fall into place. But if you make the decision you need to stick to it. If you decide to follow Christ then you follow Christ in all thing 100% of the time not 98% of the time. President Monson's talk in October 2010 the 3 R's of choice is a great talk all about choices and that just came to my head haha. Well lets make some good choices maybe if its cold you might want to but a coat on! haha or if your car needs gas maybe go fill it up. We make choices every second so What choice are you going to make next? you already chose to read this Email! haha

Anyways!!! I hope you have had a great week!!! its actually really nice here 70s and 80s are pretty nice!!! Its nice to not sweat all the time. well anyways just have a great week and make some good choices!  Well where ever you are and whatever weather you have just remember sometimes taking a break for a moment and remember the things that matter most like- if its cold wear a jacket or spending time with people you love. That's all that makes the difference. One decision Keeps you from getting "greepa" or a cold and the other keeps you close to the ones  you love.

What a great Work this is. My mom told me that If I just said in my Letters "The Church is true" then there might be a punishment. haha But I know this Church is true. The Whole reason I left and the whole reason why people like Paden Mecham, who becomes Elder Mecham on Wednesday. The whole reason we serve is because we know its true and we want to share it with the world. to Paden Welcome to the front lines of the Army of the Lord. To everyone else, Don't worry we will protect and fortify the army!!  This Church is true. God does really help and protect his own!!! I have felt and seen his hand in my life and in my Mission especially. What a great Call to serve the king of kings!!! I love this Call!!! true its hard at times but it is the best experience ever!!! 

Can you tell i can speak Spanish more and can understand it even more!!! wahoo!!! oh one more thing I  talked with a good brother last night named Christoffer and well he went to BYU for two years and knows a little bit of English so  we just talked English last night. so kind of fun. Its sort of weird how people think down here. They say You go on a mission and then straight to BYU but i just tell them I wont be joining that plan haha.

Well Love you ALL!!! Have a wonderful Week!!! by next week i will have been out four months!!! wow! it goes fast once you get fully thrown in haha. 

Well as always! Its a Great Day to be a Mormon!!!

Elder Jaymes A. Monson

Laundry Day!
Cool weather attire

lunch... enchiladas

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