Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 92:The truth is San Cristobal is super different!!!

Happy Monday to all of you!! The truth is San Cristobal is super different!!!

Right now I have a cold… it’s awesome to sleep because you feel so good in cool weather but it’s hard to wake up!! Because well its freezing cold, for an elder that just barley traveled from Tapachula where its 100 degrees and rain to a place where it doesn't rain much and to have it be 50 degrees in the morning, I know, I know, its not too cold but seriously its a big difference. and well I’m glad I’m in the cool weather.

Well this week has been awesome!! Really being a Zone leader with Elder Coto is awesome!!!! The truth is the church it true!! I told Elder Coto today, in the morning, that I have no idea what to write this week, to tell you the truth, we have been trying to work but my companion has been sick and well we have been under the weather or well he has I just have a cold but that doesn't stop me from working. But I was thinking, Wednesday we taught a very important lesson to our district leaders we taught them to be modern day Moroni’s and we taught through Alma 43: it says:  

7 Now this he did that he might preserve their hatred towards the Nephites, that he might bring them into subjection to the accomplishment of his designs.
8 For behold, his designs were to stir up the Lamanites to anger against the Nephites; this he did that he might usurp great power over them, and also that he might gain power over the Nephites by bringing them into bondage
we explained that this was the devil and his evil works and well he always wants to bring us down to bondage
9 And now the design of the Nephites was to support their lands, and their houses, and their wives, and their children, that they might preserve them from the hands of their enemies; and also that they might preserve their rights and their privileges, yea, and also their liberty, that they might worship God according to their desires.
10 For they knew that if they should fall into the hands of the Lamanites, that whosoever should worship God in spirit and in truth, the true and the living God,
These are us, we are the good guys and we want to win and we are only here to protect those who know the word of God. We are also here to teach the others so that they know.
16 Now, the leader of the Nephites, or the man who had been appointed to be the chief captain over the Nephites—now the chief captain took the command of all the armies of the Nephites—and his name was Moroni;
and thses are our leaders our disterict leaders god has picked us as leaders to lead the people to the strength and will of god. and well if we really want the salvation we need to lead by example.
17 And Moroni took all the command, and the government of their wars. And he was only twenty and five years old when he was appointed chief captain over the armies of the Nephites.
18 And it came to pass that he met the Lamanites in the borders of Jershon, and his people were armed with swords, and with cimeters, and all manner of weapons of war.
19 And when the armies of the Lamanites saw that the people of Nephi, or that Moroni, had prepared his people with breastplates and with arm-shields, yea, and also shields to defend their heads, and also they were dressed with thick clothing.

Well we need to put on our true armor of god and he will surly bless us and well if we teach and lead by examples we will be blessed in the best ways. Our leaders were amazed and we have seen a lot better leadership, as we are going to our meetings today with Pres. George to show that the San Cristobal Zone is getting better. Its one of the hardest areas to work in the mission it’s known for not having lots of success because its a very Catholic place and lots of people are really closed to hear our messages and well lots are not from here they are visitors but really our zone has worked their tails off and we will just keep going upward and onward. 

One of the coolest things happened last night President George called us, I answered and he asked who I was, I said, Elder Monson, he asked how my companion was and then he just said Elder wow your a zone leader right? I said yes and he talked to me for a bit and it was awesome I really could feel the love this man has for this mission and he is in good hands right now as the assistants are running the show while he gets into the mission ha ha but all is good, we get to talk to him tomorrow and interviews Thursday and well we are just so excited to be in the mission it will be awesome.

That was my week we are going to work hard this week sorry not much but this week passed by too fast and well in like an hour or so we will be getting on a bus to go to Tuxtla so ya!!! so ya all good i love you all!!!!  Elder Coto is a great companion and well the church is true!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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