Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 91: Transfer new assignment!

Happy Tuesday to all of you!!! The truth is this past week has been super crazy!!! but all good!! Right now I am really glad I'm not sweating because here in the mountains you don't sweat too much!!!

I am right now in San Cristobal de las Casas Chiapas and yesterday was a really interesting day!!!
Let me tell you about our week. Elder Reyes and I worked our guts out! It was a great week. We worked super hard to plan to baptize every week in July so we worked and it was great we taught the gospel of Christ to a lot of people! We helped the parents of one family, their names are Herminio and Angela, to accept to be baptized. wow what a huge blessing they have received. 4 years of attending church!!! four years!! and well the missionaries have struggled and struggled to try and get them to accept and well they did finally on Saturday the spirit touched the hearts of these wonderful people and it was all by a simple scripture. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23) we have all fallen short and have all sinned and after we are baptized the sins are washed away but it doesn't mean we will be forever sin free. It means we need to work! and well to work we need to be  on the right path.. BOOM! It struck a part of their hearts and they said, “Elders, Yes we will be getting baptized in two weeks!” wow! and well that was about the whole week we have worked and we have found the needs of everyone and Elder Reyes and I were super duper excited to work and we were just ready, or you could say pumped!!! We were on fire and we knew it!!! Elder Reyes was learning really quickly, we didn't have many investigators but we had a goal to baptize all of the investigators we had.  They were all preparing and they were progressing and we were so happy and super excited we had reached the goal to baptize all of July we knew it and we couldn’t let down our own faith. But you know the lord works in mysterious ways.

Saturday President Cardenas did his last transfers til he is gone and Sunday in the afternoon as we were talking to a lady, who will be getting baptized, we just met her but I know she will get baptized… Anyway Elder Bassett (my DL) called me and said "Elder Monson you have transfers!" I thought what???!!! He continued "you will be going to San Cristobal, as Zone Leader" Wow Zone Leader? and I’m close to finishing… ok that will be fun, then i hear "and your companion Elder Reyes will be going to Laureles 2", Wait what?!  “Yes elder they closed your area" wait!! We are excited to work and what!?!?! Well the sisters in Vista Hermosa will be taking over our area and their area will be the whole ward. Wow I actually feel bad for them. But the worst part was packing I was leaving the next morning at 9 am and had to be in the OCC at 8 so it was a long night. Elder Reyes, who is now with a good friend of mine Elder Zambrano, so ya all is well for him. At least he got to go 20 minutes or so away while I got to sit on a bus for 9 hours!!!

Ya we left Tapachula at 9:15am and we got to Tuxtla at 4:10 in time to go to the bus next to ours and go another 1 and a half or more I have no idea I was sleeping haha and well I finally got here and it’s nice and cool here in the mountains. My Companion, Elder Coto, was there to give me a hug and to wake me up a bit and say, Welcome to San Cris. Wow its great to be here, so after we waited for another sister who's bus left without her and well she got here and it was straight to work doing the Zone numbers for the last week! and then well we slept and my feet felt cold it was nice i was in heaven not sweating all night. Then we woke up today and we rode another 2 hours to Ocosingo to interview a person who is getting baptized and drop off a summer missionary there to work with one of the district leaders. so ya its been a whole bunch of fun and well I just am glad I got my head screwed on straight, 13 hours of travel in 2 days is a lot and Friday we need to go back to Ocosingo and to Tuxtla tuesday!! ahh! but all is well

I just love this work and just love being a missionary!!! hope all is well sorry it has been a crazy week and well at least I'm nice and cool!!! love you all!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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