Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 89: A baptism from learning about the power of God!

Well… What a rainy week!!! I am pretty glad the sun came out so I could dry out, I didn't care if my cloths dried super fast I wanted to dry myself out!! My prayer came true when the sun came out I was in an oven!!! It was super hot then, i was like don't be mean to me mother nature and she sent rain again so ya it was a very interesting sort of things that happened waking up and feeling the cool air and then feeling the scalding sun and then having it rain once again! It was crazy and I’m not sure how I could have made it with out my boots but now they just need to dry out and well I needed to get the 8 inches of mud off of them too! Its been a crazy week. Its funny my companion Elder Reyes has never walked in mud before but  he has now until the shoes just about don't come out! haha but all good here we are safe and dry and well we are always expecting the rain in the afternoon.

So this week was absolutely awesome!! We had a baptism! The baptism of Jesus Emanuel a 12 year old young man who is a bit small for his age! But a great young man. It was sort of funny he didn't want to be baptized before. Elder Aguila and I had a really hard time with him oh it was a spiritual war with him. The spirit was there he felt it but he didn't like to feel it. oh and we couldn't find his needs he wouldn't listen at times oh ya it was like what aren't we doing right?!?!?! but we keep working and praying and doing everything to help him. and well we reactivated his family and well, they where happy to be back. The ward accepted them with open arms and he felt it but the youth wouldn't really do much for him and well we were just like why? help!!!! We got the bishop to help him and well he's his best friend.  The members where a bit like- we can help but not where his lives because there is lots of mud and lots of dirt and lots of wind and its hard to get there. I was like then OK we will go there some of the youth helped, but it wasn’t what we needed. We kept working. His mom was like -he has his own free will and well he can choose. He said -I’ll get baptized when I turn 18. Are you serious?! 18 well I will hopefully be married and have a family at least part of one in 6 years! Are you serious? I thought why? Then I asked him Why? He said he had no idea. Its hard enough to work with someone that knows why and they tell us but its even harder when they don't know why. We kept working, until one day at church the high counselor sat by him and as he was getting ready to leave he asked- why he wasn't baptized. He still didn't have an idea he asked him if he knew what the priesthood was. He said no he said -this week the missionaries will teach you this, right elder? looking at me I said of course we can explain that. During the week Elder Reyes and I went and it was a very spiritual lesson. We got there and we stared explaining the priesthood and its purpose. It was good he started to learn and he started to understand. Then we talked about confidence having an assurance, belief, trust, or faith in something, especially God and Jesus Christ.  “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” (Proverbs 118:8) We explained how God needs to trust in us to have the priesthood. It was a very spiritual lesson and well we really taught through the spirit there and we really learned. We then asked him if God could trust in him to have and honor his priesthood. He said yes he can trust in me! Then we explained that we need to trust in God to have the blessings of the priesthood. Then my companion said “Emanuel will you be baptized to put your trust in god?” Ding! We found the need he had, “Yes” he said! and what a baptism it was a very spiritual uplifting thing for him and well he is now a  member of the church. Man it just reminds me of my baptism when I was 8 as my dad baptized me with the divine power of God. What a blessing! Now he is baptized and he just needs to endure to the end. This happens with everyone, we as missionaries need to listen to the spirit and together try to find this need that everyone has. Sometimes its hard sometimes its a bit easy but everyone has this need and the want to do what is right, when we find the need, boom a blessing comes and we breath and we drop them off at the feet of the Savior and we go and bring more people in. what a blessing it is. The Lord says he works in small and simple things, its amazing how one thing changes everything. If Joseph Smith didn't ACT I wouldn't be here in Mexico and I wouldn't know the truth! If he wouldn't have done it would I have the courage to trust God and act. I don't know but I do know I am in the truth and that I love this work!! Now is the time to act and to start small and well change peoples lives!  I love changing peoples lives or better said Saving lives!! I love this work!!!

Hope you have a great week! and just remember people can change, Simba remember who you are! oh wait!! Love you all!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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