Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 44- New Area, New Companion

(just a note from Mom... he has obviously learned the language because writing in English is getting harder. So enjoy his spanglish letters home! I do!)
Hello From Tuxtla Gutierrez!!

Well hello everyone hope your week was a great one. I am in a new area and well i feel like a little kid in a big city haha its quite interesting i am no longer the big man on campus i am the little man in a huge city there are like 3 or 4 zones in the city of Tuxtla and well its quite big. SO ya but its a nice thing to know that mountains still exist because well i feel like i am hiking them haah its quite fun but a bit on the legs when you are so used to flat areas. 

Well I learned that through trusting in god he will make the best things happen in our behalf. well let me take this for an example as we read 4 Nephi and the book of Mormon what do we see? well we see that through the faith of the people well the faith that they had in Christ. wee see as the people get older and it passes through a couple generations the faith of the people starts to linger well then when we start the book of Mormon well there it all goes all of it the whole thing the whole entire faith and hope and charity and love the whole thing it just get to be the worst then all he believers are killed and well i am now reading in Mormon where Moroni tells the sad sad tell of being alone. and then comes in a song lonely i am so lonely i have nobody to call home ohoooo MR. Lonely. he was really a lone alone running for his life hiding and doing all he can to just live another day more. he writes that he has no idea how long he will live but he has been called of god to keep the plates safe and that is what he explains. but isn't it interesting that he is a lone with nobody but himself and he is still writing. hum that's quite interesting. I think sometimes we feel absolutely alone, but we really aren't we are surrounded by the people who love use are surrounded by the many people so why do we feel alone sometimes? I don't feel alone if that's what you are thinking right now i just remember being in the mtc and feeling alone but i really wasn't. All i need to say is if you feel lonely then get active and do something to get your mind off of being alone call a friend or go talk to someone because well we are never as alone as Moroni. 

Well the pictures are of My new Companion Elder Zambrano from Minnesota USA and well that's from today because we had an activity and saw a canyon with president Cardenas and a bunch of Missionaries so ya it was quite fun then we went and played soccer so ya all good today!!!!

Well hope you all have a great day!!! love you all just remember to smile and to remember that we are never alone!! 

-Elder Jaymes Monson

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