Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 43 - I'm changing areas!

Well WOW!!!
That's all I'm going to say is wow!!! I got word this morning that I am changing my area. After 8 months here in the wonderful Ixhuatan I am going to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Juarez Area so ya a change here. It has actually been a thing I sort of knew about for a week or two that ya I'm leaving my first area to see a bigger part of the mission. But everything is just great here it's hot and well after a week of working its nice to have a day of preparation to well prepare for the week ahead. so there is some news for this Monday afternoon.

Well we had a baptism this week we baptized Abraham, no not the prophet a man named Abraham, and a man that is an example to us all. But a man that will just put on a smile to know he is the luckiest guy around and the most clean of sins. he is a great guy, now my companion and his new Companion from the MTC, will help him invite his family into the waters of baptism and well his two grand kids will hopefully enter next Sunday. so ya but Abraham what a great guy what a powerful man in speech even though he doesn't know how to read he sure knows how to listen and he has a testimony of it. He actually got up and bore his testimony last fast Sunday so what a great guy. What a great opportunity to see him grow spiritually and well he is a great man and will go far with the help of the members. what a great man. 
Abraham's Baptism with Pres. Alverez
Ixhuatan District

Well I want to share a little on obedience. I spoke on this yesterday in church and well it was a very good opportunity to show that I am not perfect when I shared a story about the time I flooded my room after washing the car. I can remember my dad and my mom telling me how important it is to turn off the water after using it. and well this time I washed the cars till they where cleaner than clean! man they looked good but I had a destruction hah a now I'm not saying that this person was a distraction I was just not thinking when I took the car for a drive and forgot. the next day after work I found out my consequence from not taking the wise counsel of my parents. oh well we all make mistakes from time to time and well to enter a room full of watery carpet was a bit pleasant well not really but I learned a lesson to always turn off the water. now I am not saying that this is my only time being a bit blank in the brain but I learned a valuable lesson that we need to always be obedient and get rid of the distractions in our lives. in this one it was the nice car all clean and ready for a drive not the girl that was helping me wash the car. but we all make mistakes that's why we are here to learn lessons. every thing we do has a consequence and well thanks to great parents for forgiving me we made it better. needless to say the branch got a kick out of my story yesterday as I told them a problem i had before my mission with the law of obedience. But really we are blessed by our loving father in heaven we are blessed overly. When we make a mistake we can repent and we will be forgiven. we aren't perfect and well we never will be but if we put our faith in the one who really cares for us we will be forgiven and will be helped to not do that again. How blessed are we. Obedience is a key to who we are. When we are going through a hard time we can always correct our foolish ways and make them better. we are not perfect we need our heavenly fathers help to make things right. 

Well this next week will be a good week learning about a big city and how a ward works and not a small town or a branch i'm jumping into the big boy town haha, But it will be a great experience just like my Brother Tyler wait sorry my Brother Elder Monson is jumping into something new. We Will both be close and be doing the best we can with the help of one man our heavenly father then well the prayers of our parents. with faith we can move mountains and be closer than you would know. Good luck Ty on your adventure just remember I'm close but mom and dad are even closer to lift you up spiritually.

Love you all!!!!

Have a great Week and a great Monday!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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