Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 41

Hey its a new week!!! it really seems like yesterday I was writing this but oh well sometimes time flies and we don't even know it!!!!

This week was a great week. well aren't they all just great?  but this one was a pretty great very wet week. it rained everyday, just about everyday except Saturday.  it was pretty great to feel the water again. When you are a missionary you cant swim but if the water is in places comes up past your knee then well what are you supposed to do? not swim keep walking haha even though it might be wet and a little cool we can't afford to go around the block because well the same thing is happening the whole street, you can call it a river, now that's a bit of water. but after a day of sun it seems to go away very fast. ya the fourth here was just a bit of rain! 
the picture is of Magdiel a young man who is planning to go on a mission next year and  my Companion and I were dry but he was a bit wet as we went against the rain to a lesson. Great guy took one for the team there! But this week was good because we got all of the youth that are planning to go on missions to get in and help us. so we had splits, me and a young man and my companion and a young man. it was great to do double the work in the same amount of time we use in a day!!! so that was nice to have. 

One of the best things about summer break is that everyone is home or in the street and they want to just come up and talk to the little man from Salvador and the tall white guy. Yep I am famous!!! haha but really the work just takes off and goes its crazy!!! my companion will say well where do we go? we need to visit them but they are important too! so that's when we call a young man like Dilan or Magdiel and we tell them to get on their white shirts we are going to play the "missionary for a day" game. its the best game!!! so then we teach people who the boys know and boom they then come to church because we are that cool haha no because they have someone to be with in the church and well like these young men -they always want to go see the girl down the street and talk to her then we let them talk to her and pretty soon they come to church and the boys want to go on splits more haha. it does have its rewards haha for them not us we just get to see them progress spiritually and go figure- all because a boy they got to know the church hum?! well that's a good thing. 
One of the best highlights of the week was a family home evening with a family we are teaching and well it was so beautiful and spiritual we taught the tree of life and it was a great spiritual experience. In church yesterday, this older man that is part of this family got up and bore his testimony of the truth- his first time in the church! He stood up and said I know I am in the right church because Jesus is here with us and I feel him here. wow!!! it was awesome it was very spiritual and very great to see him stand there and with power say I know that this is the right way to go. It was awesome!
Well this week was also very bright at night! Because of all the lightning that just comes all at once its a lot of light! and a lot of thunder after. but don't worry I am taking care of my companion he gets scared sometimes haha but all in all We are doing great!!!!

that's a little bit of the week I had and well I am looking forward to having another great one!!! just remember to smile!!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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