Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm Home

San Cristobal Zone
Well My mission was one of the best experiences in my life I am still having a hard time just trying to think in English its hard but I’m seeming to get the hang of it so it’s a pretty good thing. But one of my favorite things now is talking to these people I’ve taught, through Facebook or messaging and texting, I’ve been in their homes, I’ve been there with them and seen their change.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and well the way technology is these days makes it seem as it says in a Disney song a Small World. I might be thousands of miles away but it’s a lot easier to talk to those people and well it’s a privileged to see them grow even more. I love this church, its true! I know and I will proclaim it on top of the mountains. This is the best work in the world thanks for following the mission the truth is it’s been the best years and well it really has changed me forever! I love this work! just come unto Christ (Moroni 10:32) and he will do the rest!!! 

flying home!!

Im home
traveling companions E. Sayama and E. Roberts

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