Thursday, July 17, 2014

Week 94: Temple trip

Well Hi all!!!

Its been a pretty crazy day!!! To tell you the truth my comp hasn't been feeling well so they sent him to Tapachula and well I’m just waiting till tonight at 9 o’clock for my companion Elder Leon. So ya it will definitely be a bit different because I know my area just a little bit but all is well and well I hope I can get some sleep tonight I haven’t slept very well in a few days ha ha but all is well in Zion!!!

Well this week I had the grand opportunity to go to the sealing of the family I baptized in Ixhuatan, Temo, Leonor, Dilan, Braulio, and Silvana and what an awesome opportunity it was! Wow I remember the first day visiting them and their excitement to hear the gospel. It was like they literally ate the word of god ha ha. But that’s a good thing really its an awesome thing because they have progressed a lot. At first Dilan and Braulio didn't want to hear from us they thought we were crazy ha ha, but it was just seeing their dad just go crazy for us to come. Then after a little bit of time they joined in and it made the whole family enter into the church and Elder Jenne and I were super happy and it was great.

Now let me take you through just a bit of what happened.  We traveled to Tuxtla Friday around 7:30 and we got to the offices around 9 and well there was nobody at the offices because president and his assistants had been traveling since Monday night to visit all the missionaries and the Secretaries where just running late so we waited and when president got there we helped them unpack the car and he said -Elders get in lets go home. we were like wait? what? ya get in you are going to sleep at our house tonight. Ok sounds good we said-.  We got there and he showed us to our room and he said -come on down lets eat some dinner I’m starving-. Ok that's fine I thought. We ate and talked and he said -ok tomorrow we will be leaving at 6 to get some interviews done- he gave us our new recommends and we went and slept.  We woke up and went to the temple in the morning he said- elders lets eat something. ok thanks president- and well we ate something quick and went to the temple to get everyone who needed an interview to have their interviews and I just about got tackled by my "brother" Jared and Dilan.  Then I gave a hug to Temo and Braulio and we made sure they passed their interviews and we got them all ready and all good we went through the temple with them and it was awesome!!!  What was even better was in the sealing room to see them all in white and just happy as all can be. At the end everyone in the room was crying and well it was awesome and the spirit was so strong there as they were sealed for time and all eternity. I was very happy to be there with them and it was an awesome thing to see it. I actually saw this day when we contacted them and I saw the whole family in white and well the whole thing was in my head as we first went to their house and all is well now.
Jared, Dilan, Elder Monson, Silvana, Leonor, Temo, Braulio, Pres. Alvarez
President George taught us last week about seeing the end from the beginning. I certainly saw it as words can’t describe the joy I felt Saturday morning and well to see these people come from not believing to having their eyes opened up and now seeing their future as a eternal family, and well what joy and love I have for them wow it was heart swelling and I know that their family is now an eternal family and now they can continue on in this life knowing that their family will not have an end. Its amazing I really cant describe it at all but its just a feeling that is overwhelming. Its amazing!!! I know my family is eternal as well. Its amazing to feel that love our father in heaven has for us and for my family!!!

I love this work!!! and well after taking pictures with them we went and talked to Pres. George and he was like -elders come on in and eat some food-. we ate some good tuna fish sandwiches. and well Pres. George said that both of them have very strong testimonies. It was great to hear that they are doing well.

Well that was my weekend and I will have a new comp and hope all will be good. Love you all!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

Mom's note:  What an amazing letter!  Tears came as I read this.  I could just feel how happy he was to see this sweet family enter the temple.  A very beautiful experience and I am so happy he was able to attend.  Thank you Pres. George for helping make this possible. 

On another note: Elder Monson has a new companion.  His name is Elder Leon.  We should know more next week.

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