Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 86: The race doesn't stop before the finish line it stops after it!!! 4 months left

Well what a week- i am just saying!!!

This week I learned I cant be in a bus very long because I get really bored haha and I get a bit car sick because its a lot of movement but that’s the worst part of the week. The best part was Tuesday when I got my new Companion Elder Reyes, Again?! ha ha Yes he is the same Reyes haha no this Elder is from Tampico Tamaulipas Mexico. So he speaks Spanish and well what a great Elder, man he might only have barley a week in the field but man he has a heart for the mission and its awesome. We are going to work well together once he gets down the work together and language is one aspect but man he will go far.  Lots of Elders and Sisters from the United States have asked if his real name is David Archuleta because he sort of looks and talks like him haha but no he isn't so don't worry. 

 It was a great Tuesday meeting him and then sitting for 6 hours in a bus with nothing to do except talk to my companion or to the other two elders that were with us so ya but one of my favorite parts of the week was Wednesday we had the opportunity to have Elder Johnson he’s the brother of the Elder Johnson who is president of the area. so ya i forgot his name! sorry! It was absolutely awesome!! He talked about the faith and how if we put our faith in the right places we will be blessed and he also talked about how we need to look for the solutions to things not the ways to get out of them. well it was pretty awesome!!! It was a great time and he really spoke to the heart. Since then I have been putting it in action to be able to get better in my faith. Its a pretty good thought and I will be happy to make the faith of others grow we shouldn't be sad or not smile when we are sharing it. There is a reason there is a saying I'm a Mormon I'm happy. We show our faith by the smile we have. If we are frowny people who wants to go to a frowny church? We should be happy because we know who we are! I have 4 months or so left in my mission and this is where lots of missionaries are like “ya im in the home stretch let me be a bit more lazy” or “ya I’m good where i am”.  But I'm not!!! Are you kidding if I had that kind of attitude my new buddy, Companion, would think that the mission is a place to be lazy of just work a little bit. I am in the home stretch the last inning wouldn't that be the best time to win? Its the time to make it the best. The best part of the game!! My favorite part is how the game ends not how it starts! haha its a lot better to watch you win or finish then to watch someone start. Especially when the game is close. Satin is on my heals and what am i going to do? Are you serious, I'm not going to let him win the devil will never win when I'm on in the war of truth and right! I will go and do the will of the Lord, he is our commander and we are glad to have him aboard. 

So I told my companion “Welcome aboard to the best army in the world, the army of men and women that as Elder Holland said in conference, you have in your own humble way stepped into a circle of very distinguished women and men , welcome aboard companion now lets go fight til the end!” I am the man with a name tag! The one who fights for the right with all my might, who Christ is my strength and well my whole life!!! Now let US finish this battle I have only a couple more months left to be on the front lines! I'm not stopping after 4 months my job isn’t through till the master says the work is done, I will be the man god needs on his team! I am an Elder a missionary of god I have been chosen to serve him and I better be working hard to defeat the devil and that's what I will do we will baptize soon I haven’t done it in 3 months!! its time to get these people in the water!!! So with the spirit of God and the armor placed in its place lets go- this is the best time of our lives. My new companion is here now its our daily preparation we need to be ready for the war of each day and there will be lots of anger coming from the other team so are you ready? I am!! If you aren't get ready because we are in the middle of the largest war we will ever see and we will win!! That’s why I will not go down I will not die!! The race doesn't stop before the finish line it stops after it!!! Now climb aboard our journey is about to get funner and get ready to fight!! I love this work!!! We all are the army of Helaman!!! Now let us show it to our Father in heaven let us show him we are ready for his commands to go into the middle and to destroy the bad and replaces it with good!!! The Church is true!!! Thanks you Elder Reyes I’m as ready as you are to work!!

Love you all!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

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