Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 71: Amesome!

Well Happy February!!!

It’s awesome to be in a good mood!!! i just love to be happy!!! i hope you do as well!! this week was actually awesome!! i really can say that here the ward knows what every member a missionary is, the truth is its awesome!!! we had a baptism this week and well we are planning to have 4 in the next two weeks. John the Baptist and his wife on the 14th and the one we had this past week Roberto, and the one we will have this week and the 14th as well, Emmanuel and Fransisco they are all from the person who i told you about two weeks ago the guy who brings 3 investigators to church every week. we are going to baptize them all in the next two weeks. the funny thing is is that we don't teach them a lot of times they don't have time. sure we teach them the basics but this family they are always with they teach them everything they read and they even have prepared them to give lesson. Emmanuel gave the lesson in the YSA class yesterday. he also has told me he knows More than me several times. I'm not going to compete with him but really it is awesome!!! the members are really doing their work!! one of our problems is that we don't get to see Fransisco as much he works a lot and is only home at night at like 10 so we don't teach him at night we try to teach him during lunch break and well its been hard but the truth is we went to see him Thursday and well this family Ubi and his wife Alva invited him to be baptized and they read the book of Mormon with him and well he accepted and before he said we weren't going to get him in the water soon haha it was funny we didn't Alva did, what an awesome thing it is to see the members get involved.

this week we did have a baptism of an awesome young man named Roberto, or Pollo (chicken) he just is called by that name and well he is awesome!! he has been attending church for 8 years he couldn't make the choice to get baptized before because his mom wouldn't let him. then he was a bit led astray for a bit made bad choices and well then he came back he didn't want to get baptized until Ubi asked him why and well they talked and he is now baptized. its just awesome! we only were tools to teach but his best friend and well basically his family helped him out a lot and well he is now just happy and going to endure to the end. how awesome is this work!! i love it and well with the members on board its a lot easier and well its just awesome!!! i love this work and this ward is awesome we are just so excited to keep the work going. we had our Zone conference this week with president Cardenas and well we learned how we need to be obedient and to always be firm in what we do and stand for. we are representatives of Jesus Christ ans well we better keep that name safe and to always honor it!. so ya all good I love this work and I love being Happy, I hear there is snow on the Horizon in Utah and well hopefully it will be a good one to bring lots of water and smiles to everyone!!! 

I love you all and well just keep smiling!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson
walking over the bridge

Thanks to Bro. Darby for the tie!
enjoying the porch at our apartment


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