Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 68: Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to The Jungle or Tapachula!! haha

Happy Monday to all! I am in Vista Hermosa Tapachula not in Linda Vista its been a very confusing start to the week ha ha!!!

Its a steep climb about 30% grade

But all is good now i am in the jungle! haha its a lot different than being in the city im in the city but on the out skirts and its going to be fun!! our area is very big we have lots of little cities and its a lot of work but the truth is that we will do our best we will work our tails off to get this place up to the bishops level because its his ward not ours, but the ward here is actually awesome they are really pitching in to help the work of salivation because we don't do anything Sundays the members do it all and well they come with us to do as much as they can we have a lot of help. we will make it the best we can. 

we had one of our counselors bring 3 investigators to church!! it was Awesome!!! its just so awesome when the work of salvation works in the wards the truth is the only thing we can do as missionaries is work and work but its the help of the members that keeps the person in the church. the work of salvation is awesome!!! 

the truth is I miss Ixhuatan and Juarez but there is a lot of things i have to learn and well with our goal as a ward to have 10 baptisms by the end of transfers we will be do a lot of praying and a lot of working to get these 10 baptisms for the lord. if we have more its going to be great and with the sister missionaries in the ward we are working hard to bring in the lost sheep of the lord.  my companion and I were chatting last night, his name is Aguila (eagle) and mine Monson (something that means and animal), and he says he will take me higher in his wings so we can fly everywhere haha well we will see.  the lord will help us go as far as we can and we will be working hard.  
Elder Monson and Elder Aguila resting
this week i was a bit confused because my head was spinning, i had a big cold though it left pretty fast. in tuxtla it was a bit hard but all is good now lots of prayer and well if we just ask the lord for anything he will make it possible to have us receive it. The lord loves us and if we pray for the things we really want the lord will make it happen, i can testify of that!!! Its just awesome to see people change and to see that the lord works in everyone!!! i love this work!!! now lets all go and get the work of salvation done!!! haha 

sorry this weeks letter is short but the truth is after all Tuesday traveling here, its 5 hours and well it could have been 6 or 7 but it was late in the afternoon and he drove fast haha, and  getting to know this area and we travel lots to outer cities its been an adventure!!! so ya hope all is well with you!!
Have a great week im going too!!!

ELder Jaymes Monson

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