Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week 67: transfers

Happy 2014 to everyone!!!!!

The thing is that it's just crazy how you get people hooked on the gospel. there is a book by DR Susses that talks about Oh the places you will go. but Im not quite sure I have gone anywhere, not yet, but just kidding that's not the book i was reading to my companion today it was the Spanish English version of Are you my mother, finally my companion told me at he end of the book that I was not his mother and I was glad because I have one too and I will never be a mother. 

The cool thing about being a Missionary is that you see so many people and well one of my favorite people to see it a guy that always puts a smile on your face his name is Tito and he is a hoot! but the best  is his grandson Gayton and man that little 2 year old can run and run and never get tired and he can also eat and eat and never get full he is sort of a funny kid. he always puts on a smile and just says mmm haha he is funny thats the kind of people that put a smile on you they just are so happy i have no idea why but they always are and ill try to be like them but these two when they are together just wont stop being happy. that's the way we should live life. 

its a new year a new start and well what my companion and I have been teaching this week has been all about the real intent. The truth is that real intent is just that real intent. We have been asked to be not just church attending people but a gospel living people. we explained that by the church living people we really don't have real intent the people who are enveloped in the gospel are the gospel living people, living with real intent. with real intent we live the gospel and well make the savior proud of us. if we are just a Sunday or a church living people we really just will go as a routine as we prepare a lesson or something it will always be the same. we come to church we sit and listen maybe teach a lesson and ya we go home but what we are trying to do is keep people in the church by having them live the gospel. if we live the gospel principals and we are obedient the lord will bless us but when we aren't we really have no purpose or direction. if we go into the gospel by doing everything we can we will be more set and ready to be a more gospel living people. the real intent is really the wants or the energy we put into anything if we are just a church people and sit and then go home and rest the whole day we might not be a Gospel living church people. we need to get out there get into an action and stay and do all the things we can. We need to be active in the gospel. that's why they call the people who go to church and do something in the church Active members. be active and this year is a new year let us be active church members living with real intent, intent on living the gospel. 

Let us be the best we can be!!!! the lord loves us and he wants us to be the best we can be. Let us all be active in the church and let us all live the gospel. 

Hope everyone has a great new year and well school starts soon lets get back into the swing of things!!!

I love you alll!

Elder Jaymes Monson

We did get a note later in the day from Jaymes saying that was being transferred.  He left early this morning (Tuesday) to serve in the Tapachula Chiapas, Linda Vista area.  It is located at the very south eastern tip of Mexico. It is a large economic port city.  The temps will be warmer but the ocean breeze will be wonderful, it is about 5 hours from where he was serving in the capital city of Tuxtla.  We will know more details next monday, can't wait!

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