Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 21

This week will bring a lot of changes for Jaymes...Elder Picuasi will be transferred and Jaymes is getting a veteran Elder who will be finishing his mission in Ixhautan with Elder Monson.  He is doing very well, happy and healthy and LOVES the people in this beautiful part of the world.  He wants everyone to read the talk listed below and be the hands of Christ here on earth.  That sounds like a very worthwhile work for all of us!  Thanks for reading his letters and for praying for the missionaries all over the world!-Elder Monson's Mom

Well Hello!!!

Hope all is well where you are at. Here its pretty crazy!!!! I just came back from an activity with my zone and ya its been a pretty crazy day!!! tomorrow i get privileged with a new companion and well i am supposedly his last companion in the mission. So that's cool and well i might be privileged in four weeks with a new companion from the united states, its going to be a good four weeks with this Elder and then he is done!  
(Just a little bit of bragging for Jaymes) As missionaries we make goals and well I just talked with the Mission President and he told me that wow!!! he has never seen such success in a new missionary like me he told me to keep it up and said he was thinking Elder Picuasi was doing good but when Elder Picuasi told him that "No its all My Companion, he has a goal in mind and just takes off with it". He then said, "President He told me that when you said to try for a baptism every week he took it to the next level and said as Nephi I will go and do!"   My companion and I are doing well and its the last day today. And well I am so glad to say that I will go and do! Baptisms 4 weeks in a row!!! wahoo!!!!! the Picture is of Teresa a 13 year old girl who followed Christ and entered the waters of baptism on none other than a day known as Valentines day! isn't that interesting she was baptized by here cousin Magdiel and she is just doing well. Her mom who just needs to be married to her spouse is being baptized this Saturday! so its just been an answer to my prayers and its been just a great experience to see them change. 
I have really seen how Christ has used me and my companion and the people of the branch as his hands. I read a talk that is just about that its entitled "You are my hands" It is a great talk talking about the way we should help the work of god through doing something. I actually am glad that i read this because yesterday President Aguilar a counselor in the Branch Presidency asked me to speak so i did and spoke about this Talk and mostly about how faith without works is dead so ya. It was a good experience and well i was glad that the lord gave me the gift of tongues to help the members understand what i was talking about. so ya this talk is actually one i remember quite clearly. i am here to tell you that all of us are the hands of Christ by our examples. It shows us how Charity never faileth. the pure love of Christ is what we need to share to the whole world. We are the hands of Christ on the earth and we all are missionaries. I know that through our hands we can change the world one person at a time!! just remember that one person can start the chain and change the world. so do it!  I know this church is true and I know that by us doing what we can to reach out our hands we can change and lift people to the heavens to live with the master! i am in Moroni 8 I love the Book of Mormon!!! It is for sure the only true book and i have found that through reading I open up my mind to the people that really need the message. I love this Gospel!!!

I hope you have a great week!!! I will for sure because the only way is up!!! we progress and progress and I will do my best. one thing i have seen this week is the way the gospel changes peoples attitude as well. one 17 year old young man is so exited for us to come over and teach and he just runs to us when ever he sees us its is awesome!!!

Have a great day!!!

Love you all!!!!
Elder Jaymes Monson

You are my hands President Uchtdorf April 2010

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