Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 20

Well Aloha!!! oh wait, haha

Well Week 20 its hard to believe that on Wednesday I will have been out for 140 days. that's crazy talk haha and that's crazy fast too!! Well Happy Monday to all hope you are having a great day. Here in Mexico its just only 93 degrees and getting hotter and well i don't care what you say about how nice it is here to me I'm, well HOT!!! haha for nice right now if i wasn't serving the lord it would be nice to be on a lake having fun but that can wait and well it will have to because the boat is sort of in 27 degrees and well the water temperature is probably just down right freezing!!! so well I guess that might be a problem so ya. Anyways its been hot here and well in just three months starts the hottest month known to man well that's at least what they say about here in Ixhuatan so if i am here in two transfers then i will be telling you all about it.

This week was a pretty good week. My companion and I had another Baptism this one was for M_____ who I have been working with for about a month and a half or so. I say I because for all of January and we were on splits when we taught him so well i was always with another person while teaching him. so ya anyways it was funny when we were
asking him who he wanted to baptize him, we listed a list off and he turned and said, Monso haha or Monson, it was pretty funny cause we listed off all of his friends and he just turned and said Monson, I of course said well i would be honored to do that and Saturday night that's what we did. What a great guy though man he is one and a million his whole family are members and well they have become very less active until I showed up with a young man named William and we taught him the first lesson and well his whole family has now been
transformed and he just says every Saturday, tomorrow it church and there will be no saying no we are going as a family to church to worship god and to know the truth. he has 5 kids and well they are all grown up now only three live with him two are married and one is handicapped so he gets all of them and they go in him Mototaxi to church. I have learned a lot from this great man one of the things is how attending church changes people because of the spirit. I can remember the first time when he came to church and said, I feel something here and its sort of like i am home, do you feel that every week? I thought about it and said well ya we do, but to tell you the truth it is just something that has grown on me its just something i expect to feel every week. its something good and well its the Holy Ghost. and well when people only have the light of Christ and they come to church they feel something. a lot of times they cant explain it but it feels good to them. it sort of made me realize how important it is for us to "come home" or to enter the lords houses. The temple for example is one of the ways that we feel the powers of heaven and
the spirit. I know that every time i attend the temple i feel closer to my heavenly father and and feel like all of my worries are not even there. it feels to me like i have put off the natural man the natural
clothes and put on cloths that i hope my spirit looks like always as i try to wash my spirit clean with the blood of Christ. It makes me feel like i am pure as we should feel after baptism. That's how we should feel feel the love of Christ as we attend the temple as much as we can.

This week i read yes i know that's funny me reading a talk but its true I read a talk. This week i would like to share a few points from President Thomas S Monson's talk from this past conference, See others as they may become. President Monson says,"We must develop the capacity to see men not as they are at present but as they may become." Now as a missionary we cant look at people as they are like this one missionary President Monson Describes in his talk he says he was talking with N. Eldon Tanner and he shared this story with him. "He told of a missionary who had been the most successful missionary whom he had met in all of the interviews he had conducted. He said that as he interviewed that missionary, he said to him, “I suppose that all of the people whom you baptized came into the Church by way of referrals.” The young man answered, “No, we found them all by tracting.” Brother Tanner asked him what was different about his approach—why he had such phenomenal success when others didn’t. The young man said that he attempted to baptize every person whom he met.
He said that if he knocked on the door and saw a man smoking a cigar and dressed in old clothes and seemingly uninterested in anything—particularly religion—the missionary would picture in his own
mind what that man would look like under a different set of circumstances. In his mind he would look at him as clean-shaven and wearing a white shirt and white trousers. And the missionary could see
himself leading that man into the waters of baptism. He said, “When I look at someone that way, I have the capacity to bear my testimony to him in a way that can touch his heart.”" What an example of a missionary he saw people as a son or daughter of god and a person who could change. People change everyday and its up to us to help them. I think that every person can change. Even a guy who gets drunk every night and his wife is getting baptized can change and well he says he wants to and if his wife his found it then he will join her just need to get him to church that's all. So people change everyday and I have seen it. Manuel changed and people change for the feeling they get when they do right. I am another testament to what President Monson says, "I pray that we will have the courage to extend the hand of fellowship, the tenacity to try and try again, and the humility needed to seek guidance from our Father as we fulfill our mandate to share the gospel. The responsibility is upon us." I know people change and when they do we need to be there to lift them higher. President Monson says much more but that's what hit me this week. People Change and People are constantly doing so.

Well this week was  good week, hope it was for you too. I can see the lords hand in all things he is helping every single one of us to follow the example of Christ and to as it says in Mosiah 3:19 to put
off the natural man. I know this is true! and that's why I am sent to preach the gospel to be the working hands of the master. His hands are moving fast through out all the land too!!!

Love you All!!! have a wonderful day week and remember people can change!!!

Elder Jaymes Monson

President Monson's talk Pristhood Session October 2012 See others as
they may become

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